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You've been Accepted to Knight Academy: Echtra

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You've been Accepted to Knight Academy: Echtra

Knight Academy: Echtra - Forum
Open Versatile Anime

Knight Academy: Echtra

Become A Knight
Knight Academy: Echtra is the story of young teens who want to one day become knights. Harnessing the powers of their coat of arms, in order to develop powers, abilities, and skills unique to them. It's going to be a story of not just self discovery, but of development. Trying to become better than what your character was before. Trying to gain skills they didn't have before. Trying to become something they weren't before.

You all share the same goal, to reach graduation, and gain full control of their coat of arms.

Game Information

Knight Academy: Echtra is a game that will be run using the system "OVA". There are a couple of general things that are listed in the character creation guidelines thread in the forum. Along with the edits we've been using for OVA in order to make it more balanced. Although the general rule of the game is to understand the game is going to be somewhere between fire emblem, and Persona.


Please post your character in the Applications folder. Anime images are preferred for your character image. When making your thread please make it with the name and playbook in mind, listed as " Firstname Lastname - Some kind of Moniker". I'm a gm That's generally pretty laid back, and will work with most people on their characters. It is required that you join the following discord link. I'll be usually readily available with a simple ping, and other interested players will be around to discuss with you.

What Should I Expect?

The game was spawned at this comment from a friend of mine (zeromajor) "Just combine persona, fantasy , magic knights, and battle high schools into one for all the tropes". This means that the game will be a bit anime, but is super leaned into having not overly anime characters but characters with issues to develop and work through. I don't want tropes to be the only reason for a thing is all. Your characters should still be sensible, you are teenagers first after all, or at least in your adolescence in terms of those not human. In general, while you might have a character death or major NPC death happen every once in a long while, this game will generally be on the somewhat lighter side of things but do not mistake this and the camp to mean that it won't have moments of darkness.

Game Description:

A knight academy game

Generation 10
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Want to put my official endorsement for Flamefist, he's a great GM and you'll be happy with the amount of time he puts into his game and keeping them running! Get your application done early and then ask for a review!

I feel like it's probably a pretty important distinction to make here, it's a Mythweavers based game. as in the gameplay, rolls, in character, and other things will be handled in myweavers. I just find having a discord OOC chat is an important factor in keeping a game alive and players communicating properly.

Having something to keep players from ghosting at least.

Also putting in my endorsement for Flamefist. Great GM, fantastic attention to detail, was a hell of a lot of fun playing in his game.

Announcing the close date for the game as the 24th.

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