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Return of the Runelords

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Return of the Runelords

Return of the Runelords - Forum
Pathfinder - Golarion

The Runelords are awakening. Do you have what it takes to stop them?

Low and HighIt is assumed in this game that other heroes have already defeated another Runelord named Karzoug in the not-so-distant past, and are living legends among Varisia. The game assumes that these heroes exist as PC's who played in the previous two installments of this trilogy; Rise of the Runelords and Shattered Star. Now, it's pretty obvious that since I have not run those games for the group that I am choosing, I thought it could be fun to have these heroes created by the people applying!

So just to make this clear, making two characters is not a requirement for this game. If you do not have the time or the desire to do this, I will not hold it against you in any way when I am judging characters. But if you are interested, have at it.

What I am Looking forI am looking for 4-6 dedicated players who intend on seeing this through to the end.

Desired Posting Frequency: I am looking for someone who can post at a minimum of three times per week.

I love players who can come up with interesting backstories that are outside of the norm. You are also far more likely to be chosen if you put in the work to learn a bit about Varisia and Roderic's Cove, and can really incorporate this into your backstory.

Finally, while I expect everyone to create effective characters that can handle themselves (this is Pathfinder, after all), I generally do not accept completely min-max'ed characters. So make something reasonable and fun!

Creation GuidelinesAll of the guidelines for both characters are posted in the game forum. Feel free to ask any questions at any time as well!

Game Description:

The all-powerful Runelords, near-immortal wizards who ruled Varisia in ancient days, stir to terrible life once more, surging across the frontier with plans to reignite their time-lost empire. Years ago, Pathfinder’s classic Rise of the Runelords campaign explored the return of just one of these terrible masters from the depths of time—now the rest of his scheming allies have returned, their brilliant minds turned solely to conquest!

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So... just out of curiosity. Would a fire-crazed, bat riding, monkey goblin alchemist be a poor fit for this campaign?

Someone's been playing Batrider, I see.

Originally Posted by drezdock View Post
So... just out of curiosity. Would a fire-crazed, bat riding, monkey goblin alchemist be a poor fit for this campaign?
That was a string of words I never thought I’d hear in a single sentence. Please make the best FCBRMGA ever.

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