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GM looks for groups to play simple games

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GM looks for groups to play simple games

The Dice Guy's Dungeon Adventures - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e

As the title says, I look for one or more groups to play with. Of course you don't have to already to be in group, just sign in and I will pair you up with others.

DISCLAIMER: I look for simple games, not year-long campaings. That said, one PC used for a game might be used for another.

Read the rules, write what kind of adventure you want and we are basically ready to go!

Game Description:

Don't let the system fool you, I'm into 5e as well!

Do you fancy an adventure? Or a quick dungeon crawl? Then boy oh boy do I have news for ya'll.

I am GMing whatever you want, for whoever you want, whenever you want! Read the request rules, PM me about it and let's the game begin!

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This is a strange concept.. so basically, the not me player was getting ready to play a fantasy game and got pulled into this different reality where he was actually a fantasy character in a fantasy game?

reminds me of this

It's an interesting idea. Reminds me of a Quag Keep style game I played years ago where I was a teenage nerd boy who ended up in the body of his female wizard who looked like his fantasy girlfriend.

Quite. Of course if the concept does not fit with you, you can always request other game

The funny thing was, I was using all kinds of tropes about teenage nerd turning into hot girl, so one of the players assumed I was a teenage nerd and got ooc nasty toward me for being insensitive to women. That kind of ruined the game for everyone because she was having some kind of personal issues. Me... I loved the game, up until that point.

My character was a human, and a very beautiful woman, so I got our party all kinds of help from the local duke who was "interested" in me. Meanwhile, my character was sweating about overplaying the relationship and ending up in bed with the Duke. Made for some funny scenes... at least, in my opinion.

Hi, and welcome. Good to have you guys!

To join in on this fun simply go to the top of this thread and you'll see a forum link:
The Dice Guy's Dungeon Adventures - Forum

Click on that and create a NEW thread in the Character Auditions forum.
Make sure to include your preference for the game you wish to play in and what kind of "role" your character would be. (Striker...magic user...controller...etc)

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