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Investigation Game

Heh. I was afraid of that... what you described is pretty spot on for the last game I GM'd, but I thought I'd ask given the opportunity.

Originally Posted by Butchern View Post
You can make it worse by not keeping a regular posting schedule, letting the game get bogged down, and not working to keep the stakes high, so I guess that would be a place to start.
I think starting with this list would create the wrong kind of tension!

Lol. Okay, the main thing I'm bringing out of this is that I need a dependable and interested group of players. While I'm reading GUMSHOE, and writing up the module, I think I'll run a published adventure in the meantime, in order to recruit and hazard some players.

I've even got a new recruitment method I want to try out, so I'm thinking this will be a good starting place.

We never really got into the surprises and other spoilery stuff in this thread, so anyone who wants to join in, can. : )


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