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Mage the Ascension has my very favorite fluff of any World of Darkness game, old or new. The mechanics are a bear, though. Even so, I LOVE the concept of will working and paradigms. (I am a philosophy professor IRL after all!)

So if anyone ever wants to run a game of Mage the Ascension, I'd be delighted. I haven't played any since the late 90s when I tried to run it with my home group. It failed, sadly.

My only issue with Paradigms is that the one that is, to me, the most obvious, doesn't seem to exist. That being, "I'm an Awakened Mage. It works because I say so." No dancing in circles or begging the gods or whatever. Just, my Will be done.

Yeah but the paradigm is enforced by the masses. More believers means a stronger paradigm. And the prevailing paradigm among the billions of people in the developed world is that magic isn’t real. One person is not gonna just snap their fingers and make that go away. Not without consequences at least.

I thought Orphans or Hollow One'swere the one's who Awakened,without a real niche... like most of them there was always one outcast side.. like Catiff in Vampire or Was it Renegades? in Wraith...

I only ever played and Ran Vamp,1st and 2nd editions,i had all the other cross over books as I used to run a mass cross over game,with wolves,mages,wraiths and even fae.

they are the main systems I know and would like to play...I have played Dark Ages. and some V20.. but due to the fact IMO they altered Tremere in a big way...I prefer the older systems...


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