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I've considered rescuing games in the past. In the end, I'm just not comfortable with picking up another GM's campaign, because it's not my world. It'd be like using someone else's deck to play Magic: the Gathering, or being called in to use someone else's character for a session.

Speaking in terms of Magic's personality archetypes, I'm a Johnny. That means that I enjoy building as much as playing. Playing the game is just an extension of the building process for me, and if I didn't build it from the ground up, it just doesn't feel right.

However, I might be willing to GM a game if it looks very promising, or is early on in the story. So... if you've building a list of possible Game Rescuers, you may as well add me as a tentative member.

Originally Posted by Mordae View Post
(1) To promote awareness that taking over a game in-progress is a rewarding experience
It is - but only once you get it rolling.

At first, it is One. Hell. Of. A. Work.

Of course, this depends somewhat on several factors, like whether the former GM has left any of his notes for plans, NPCs, etc in a retrieval form (i.e. private thread) or how much stuff had been done by PM and is thus not accessible by the replacement GM.

(3) To promote the possibility of a game rescue to other GMs who might never have considered it.
Which should, I think, be coupled with warnings about possible pitfalls and the work it means; after all, a replacement GM who drops the game is likely going to destroy the game completely.
As such, any rescue mission should be carefully considered by the prospective GM and not done out of a whim.

Indeed. I've seen rescue opportunities that I've turned down because I didn't think I could do the idea justice, or I didn't think I could meet the players' expectations regarding the type of game they wanted. I'm certainly a narrativist at heart, so you won't find me running to the rescue of dungeon crawls gone adrift.

Ha, Funny thing, I played Odo the Halfling Fencer in Inauspicious beginnings. I left because the DM disregarded my actions two rounds in a row. I guess he/she just didn't understand double movement. I'm in the middle of rescuing a game myself, Evil Dead: Versus the World. Of course, it's a much happier story than most DM Rescues. I was asked by the current DM's to take over BEFORE they had to leave. And of course, they left me with enough material to work with. Log4in's just finishing up this last RP session, and then I guess I'm taking over the whole thing (rather than just the thread for a pair of new characters).

A noble cause, but I think not for me. I've got a fairly consistent group of excellent players in my games, and enough game ideas I want to try out that if I ever get time to run another game, I'm more prone to getting one of my own game ideas out there instead.

Alas, I've been in a number of Wheel of Time games that seem to qualify for this topic. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware that the option to take over games even existed. In fact, I was the assistant GM in one of them, and already had limited abilities with the game, and didn't realize that there were any options.

So, Mordae, what is Myth-Weavers' position on players taking over games? There have been 7th Sea games that might qualify also. I have plenty of experience in GMing tabletop games under both systems.

Interesting thread. Okay, so let's say a GM has to flake for some reason. Its probably too much to expect him/her to advertise for another GM to take over though that would be helpful. What about having a specific thread for GM's who have to bail where they can post a link to their game thread and offer up the reins in that way.

GM's looking to take over an established game could then browse the links and take on games as they see fit. An established, steady, cohesive player group is a rare thing and once found should be rewarded. Being able to find such groups and pluck them from the brink of game collapse is a win-win.

I'd like to help out. I've been a jerk lately, and would like to make up for it, but also because it really sounds like fun...getting a group all ready and used to working together, and trying to do their ideas justice.

I am totally down for dungeon crawls gone adrift, and I would be happy to join in the effort. I can immediately remember at least 4 games that looked so promising but then sadly the GM went astray for some reason or another.

Nice to see this idea realized, Mordae. If there are any freeform games, or games where the GM needs plot or storyteller help. let me know.


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