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Seeing this thread makes me wish we had such a EGMS (Emergency Game Master Service) at our disposal. I know one game that spent a long time in development, but right when it was getting close to starting the GM went *POOF!* Really awesome concept and really rich setting to boot, but the GM flaked out.

Originally Posted by Mathis Grunewald View Post
So, Mordae, what is Myth-Weavers' position on players taking over games?
This is just what I gathered from the PM conversation with site staff when taking over my game; as such, it is not official, just an educated guess[/disclaimer]

If a GM has abandoned a game, asking in Site Discussion for transfer of head GM position is the way to go. Before doing this - unless there is GM approval (in which case he could do it himself, though) -
  • the other players in the game should be informed about it and agree with the course of action
  • some time (one week seems to be the absolute minimum) should have passed
  • reasonable attempts to contact the GM should have been made

Enjoying all the interest (and support) so far. I'll probably craft a wiki page to document relevant things, like who we are, how the rescue process works, etc. Whisper's description is accurate, but since it's in post history it might not be "formal policy". I'll see if I can get the staff to agree with some sort of documented rules for GM replacement.

I believe your quest is noble, and wish to join you!

Well, since this is here, I figure I'll give it a shot.

Fury of the Alliance is a Star Wars Saga game that I recently started. Unfortunately, I've had very little time to keep it going with the end of the semester so close. I'm spending almost every waking moment studying.

The basic plot is that Anakin Skywalker was never found on Tatooine. Most of the prequel events still happened as planned by Palpatine. The Separatists were crushed and Palptine used the War as an excuse to turn the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire. See the Lore thread in the forum for more information on timeline differences. At any rate, it's the tail-end of 2 BBY and the Alliance has been formed only a few months ago. It has yet to announce its' presence to the Empire, but the official declaration is being planned. The PCs are members of Fury Squad, a sabotage team inserted to Coruscant. Their orders are to find information on the Empire's superweapon and announce the declaration of Rebellion to the general public of Coruscant. Beyond those two directives, they have free reign to hinder and/or embarrass the Empire in any way they see fit.

A little off topic for the moment, but, I am still here =P. Unfortunately since all of my games, except one, have died, I haven't had the heart to get into anymore and with me now finally going after a degree, time is tight. So that is why it seems I have disappeared. I still lurk and read stuff though. Maybe one day I will get into things like the "old days".

Oh and thanks for the sentiment Arcane! Good to know someone misses me -chuckles-. I've met my fair share of people who just hate me for some reason -shrugs-. I know I can be too blunt and straight forward at times though. Not the greatest quality over the internet, heh. And yeah, my Betazoid Lusandra was sexy... lol. Besides being sexy, she was very fun to play. I hope I can bring her back at some point.

I can't commit to being a rescue GM, if that is what part of this is about, but I certainly love this idea. Finding good GM's is certainly harder than players. Its a shame to loose a good game for any reason. I have my fair share of games I wish wouldn't have died.

Mordae, is this thread open for constructive criticism/ideas on how to prevent games from dying? I admit to not reading all of this thread, its late for me, so please excuse me if I am asking something you or someone else may have already mentioned.

Hi all....

So I've had a number of...personal issues... offline.

Unfortunately these issues are leaving me with a LOT less time to commit to DM'ing.

I'm sure you may have seen my games around, they are as follows:

Dawn of the Dead: An entirely undead hunting campaign
Earth 2020: Riftwar: A 3.5 campaign set in a torn asunder Earth in 2020... Technology exists but doesn't function well. Atmosphere conditions prevent firearms from working.
FSF: Feline Strike Force: As yet unstarted...But a purely sneaky political intrigue game all catfolk.
Hero University: A game run out of a school, with timetables and teachers. Second chapter will see the students advance as a cohesive group.
Soldiers of Darkness- An all evil camaign with some beautifully skilfull RP'ers.

Now I don't want to leave any of these excellent and great players in the lurch just because of my personal issues.

If you have any time...And are a good DM...please contact me so we can rescue these awesome groups.

@Mordae: This is just an idea, but for the purpose of saving games. Why don’t start a "GMs to the rescue!" (GMs without borders sounds good too) listing or something like that.

The basic idea would be make a listing of GMs that are willing to step in and rescue a dying games.

The GMs would need to provide some personal information, like the games they are able to GM (because they have the books and stuff), availability, posting rate, etc.

Once the listing gets bigger, you get a solid pool of GMs to rescue games.

Also, a parallel topic would be needed, where players with dying games, submit some kind of add with information about their game, so that the rescuers GMs can browser and decided whenever they want to rescue their game or not.

You could also, have GM temps, that step in to Co-GM temporarily a game where the official GM is having trouble posting because of RL issues.

Well, that would be the essence of it.

That was the logical progression. I think it may end up on the Wiki, though, with a linked sticky thread in Game Planning and the GM Workshop, so it doesn't get buried.

I did this once with a game on RPoL. It was actually very satisfying.

In fact...I have had a lot of free time lately, without the inspiration to start something up on my own. I'll rescue a game, for an interesting game with interested players.


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