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Does anybody know a good website for making/displaying battle maps.

I GM'd one game, have Played a lot more on Roll20. But yes - there are a lot of tokens for free you can use. Can search like "Human Bandit", etc. There are some you can pay for, but the free ones worked for me when I GM'd. And you can add the player pictures at tokens as well.

Originally Posted by drizard View Post
for DnD 5e
I like to run battles using battle maps, and I want to know if there are are any good websites for battle maps that would work with this website?

Also because I drew up a dungeon crawl map, and I wanna use it.

Help would be appreciated.
I used to use Roll20 then I went to dungeon painter studio.
Now I use dungeon fog.

Dungeon painter was a one time purchase but it is a bit slow on compressing the image into a usable format once you are done. It also had a fair amount of random crashing when I used it.
But it did include a few decent tools and had steam workshop support so downloading new images or textures for it was pretty nice.

I then went to Dungeon Fog because I saw "How to be a great GM" yaking about it on yt.
I found it pretty good. Its tools are more available and function better than dungeon painter's.
Dungeon fog also had the ability to go in and make specific notes for rooms that you can make in pin form.
It also has its own online play system kinda like roll20 but I never use that.
It is technically "free" but like with all subscription services the best stuff lies behind a pay-wall.


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