Old world of Darkness meets Fallout.

Looking for some advice and ideas if people dont mind. My real life group wants me to run a Fallout themed post apocalyptic chronicle set in the old world of darkness. I have brainstormed some setting information and backstory, but am looking for any tips, tricks, ideas, etc that people might care to offer.
Ok so here is how I see the world as having ended....

December 31st 1999. Amid fears of Y2K people gather in times square to watch the ball drop. As the clock strikes midnight, peoples cheers of joy become screams of terror as power start to fail and parts of the city are plunged into darkness.
As the madness and darkness streak across the united states from east coast to west coast, various groups of survivors are herded into massive underground vaults built by a collaboration between the us govt and various private organizations (The technocracy, Pentex)

The antediluvians rise and began feasting upon the blood of kindred and kine alike. None are spared their thirst as entire city blocks fall victim to the alien hunger of these ancient undead. The masquerade fallen, vampires from all factions engage in all out blood soaked war in the streets in an attempt to stop their progenitors. The us govt, in an attempt to stop an unknown pandemic from spreading, authorize the use of tactical nuclear missles on U.S. soil against civilian targets.

The wyrm, the weaver, and the wyld; locked in a stalemate since time immemorial thrash about. The red star has opened in the sky and splinter of the wyrm frees itself and causes the weaver to use its own weapons against itself. Fire reigns from the sky as cities are reduced to smoldering rubble and the wyrm is freed. The gauntlet is ripped asunder as banes and spirits are allowed to freely cross into the material plane to posses and corrupt as they desire.

In the the underworld, the lands of the dead, The oblivion storms open wide destroying cities of the dead older than living memory. The veil between worlds is lifted as all of the afterlife is swallowed into a swirling maw of darkness. Hundreds of thousands of spectres flee into the land of the living turning isolated desolate communities into literal ghost towns.

Rogue cabals of Marauders and Nephandi use the consensus of the world turning to shite due to Y2K to sow chaos and destruction on a global scale, causing most of the other traditions to collapse inwards or seek refuge in safer planes of existence.The marauders and Nephandi destroy themselves in the process.

The widespread panic and fear and lack of imigination as humanity crumbles results in the near total extinction of the fae, as their is no longer enough glamour left in the world to sustain them.
Diffrent vaults run by diffrent groups of the technocracy or agents of pentex. They wind up functioning much like vaultec. Part to preserve the rule of humanity in face of chaos, partly for experimentation to improve humanity to help these groups rule a better world.

Virtual adepts can run vaults like the vr vult from fallout 3.
Progenitors and pentex developing ghous and plant vaults
NWO / iteration-x functions as institute
etc and so forth.
Pc's vault functions as starting vault for fallout 4. The are put in stasis, and over time diffrent groups are thawed out as needed. To help do construction, create farm, explore and gather resources, what have you.

Pc's are normal humans who escaped end by end of teeth. Now, vault power systems are failing. Food shortages, dont know condidition of outside / other survivors, etc and so forth.
Anywho, so thats the basic lay of the land that I am trying to work with.
Thoughts and ideas or things that you think might be interesting?