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UNIQUE - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds 3e

You have been hired by the United Nations International Quorum of Unaligned Exceptionals (UNIQUE), a subgroup of UNISON to help people around the world from various disasters, a global defense against all the superhuman threats while respecting the sovereignty rights of each nation.

As a member of UNIQUE, you are expected to have good judgment, quick thinking and a genuine desire to help people. UNIQUE only recruit stable and steadfast people. It is a mix of military and diplomatic training/force in the world.

You are the active members and usually are the first ones to respond to crisis all around the world.

Most of UNIQUE operations tend to be large scale, humanitarian reliefs, investigation, dealing with international criminals/threats, security for UN and UNISON personnel or working to prevent crises. They are also the first line of defense against Cosmic Threats.

UNIQUE takes place in the Atlas Prime universe of Mutants and masterminds 3rd edition, the default setting of the game. You can feel free to take origins related to various places around the world.

You benefit from the following for being part of UNIQUE: (free)

Advantages: Benefit (Diplomatic Immunity), Connected, Equipment 3 (team equipment and HQ contribution)
Equipment: UNIQUE commlink (Communication, flashlight, GPS, tracking device, video recorder)

Headquarters can be found in Geneva, Switzerland or New York City.

You will build your character with the following guideline in mind:

Power Level: 12 Power Points: 180

Need a backstory, joining UNIQUE usually involves a job interview, as they make sure to enroll a good person for the job. Origins related to the setting are encouraged but not mandatory.

I own all the Green Ronin official Mutants and Masterminds Third edition materials including the recent superhero team supplement.

Game Description:

UNIQUE is the the United Nations International Quorum of Unaligned Exceptionals. Heroes assembled from all around the world to protect the world.

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*G.I. Joe theme plays in head*

Originally Posted by Lwmons View Post
*G.I. Joe theme plays in head*
Yeah, even if I guess for younger audiences, Overwatch is a good equivalent.

Hey, me again! I have some questions regarding my character that I'm making (mostly mechanical in nature). Can I PM you about them? @All

Well, there is a standard selection of questions available...except several have already been answered. I'll edit those out then in favour of:

1) Arrays, whether dynamic or otherwise. Your perspective on these?

2) Backstory skills, equipment, etc. that is unlikely ever to make an appearance in the game. How many points can we "waste" on those?

3) Personal themes, ideologies, motivations, etc. that draw heavily from Real Life. Anything that you would prefer to avoid seeing?

4) Obviously we are heroic, stable individuals. Are you allowing challenges to this status, even if the fall is only temporary?

1) they are arrays...not sure what you want me to say.

2) I'm more of the opinion that any points spent by a player will come into play, in a fashion or another. Just like comic books, if the hero has a skill in something, it will come up.

3) Anything that wouldn't be appropriate in UNISON.

4) UNIQUE superteam due to international treaty and relations, can't really afford the usual "rebels" or "former criminals" or "antihero" that you would see in some modern superteams. UNIQUE members are people trying to do good at the heart of it. It is important too when UNIQUE represent UNISON to be trustworthy. If a country can't trust UNIQUE members, they wouldn't be allowed or invited to operate in their territories.

Originally Posted by tonberrian View Post
How long is recruitment open?
Until the 9th.


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