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Using Pathfinder Bestiary

Using Pathfinder Bestiary

If you were going to make a Clingon, what base creature would you use? Suggested classes?

My initial thought is a reskinned orc or hobgoblin Barbarian but that seems a little vanilla.

Any of you creative Pathfinder geniuses have a lot better ideas than my boring one?

Second question, what about a suggested build for a Vulcan? I’m thinking something with buffed strength, high Intelligence and low charisma and Wisdom. Do you find this Illogical?

All who answer, Live long and Prosper! V

I always thought of vulcans as space elves and klingons as space bugbears or hob-goblins

Give vulcans a bonus to str instead of dex. and a penalty to chr. I dont know why you would need to effect wis, the are not an unwise species, they just value logic and knowledge above all else.

if hobgoblins, maybe give str bonus instead of dex.

Vulcans would take the hit to Charisma, as they can be cold and lacking emotion. This tends to turn a lot of people off, especially humans. I wouldnt hinder them with a penalty to Wisdom. A lot of what defines logic is Wisdom. Intelligence is more facts and book smarts. Vulcans are faster and stronger than humans, so a bonus to one of these wouldnt be out of the question.

As for the Klingon, Strength or Constitution would be the most likely physical bonuses. They are robust with large muscular stature. Personally I'd go with Con, as they are said to have backup organs to just about everything, and are said to heal faster. They would also duplicate a race that has a scent ability, as Klingons have been shown able to track something by smell. For mental stats, if you were inclined to give them a negative, it could be a toss up between Wisdom or Charisma for me. They have some aggressive tendencies which could certainly be viewed as a negative outside their culture. Lack of Wisdom could also be see as part of their short tempers and prone to raging (Lowered Will saves)

Very good points AD, thank you.

The one smallargument I would make is this. I've come to learn that part of Wisdom (I'm thinking real life) is having knowledge of something (INT), but also having the ability to not say something just because one knows it to be true. Vulcans speak their mind, with logic and no emotion. When speaking to someone like a human that lack of emotion can come across quite rude.
That's the reason I would consider a negative to Wisdom. A negative to Charisma is almost a certainty for both races.

I'd have to go back and dust off my Pathfinder stuff. I haven' t used any of it in 3+ years

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