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Good system for survival/traveling?

Good system for survival/traveling?

Hey, I've been working on a campaign for the past few months. The idea is that its an unrestricted world where players can go anywhere they want, and the most difficult challenges are surviving, managing travel time, and balancing between combat equipment and survival equipment. Players would have to spend their money wisely, and balance their equipment for everything they might face out in the world using limited funds, availability, and carry weight. It would often be several days at the closest between settlements, and it would be at least a week on horseback between cities.

Since I really like the DnD magic system, I initially wanted to use the 5e system for this. However, I quickly discovered that 5e is lacking in a few areas. For one, money lacks all nuance, and the values of everything are skewed such that it would take a LOT of home brewing in order for it to function the way I had envisioned. Further, weight is not consistent even in just the core rule book, and in some aspects is ignored entirely or circumvented so easily it might as well not be there. Lastly, I found most of the travel, expenses, etc to be lackluster. DnD is great for what it is, but it isnt what I am looking for. I do, however, really like the magic system and the sanity concept.

What I'm looking for, in short, is a system that would work well in a renaissance/medieval setting that has solid mechanics for traveling and survival needs (exposure, hunger and thirst, etc). At a minimum, limited magic or something similar (alchemy, element bending, super powers, etc) is also something I need for my setting to really work. I'm hoping someone can help me find a system that is a good fit for what I want, so I can spend less time on homebrew and more time on worldbuilding (my personal favorite part).

If you enjoy 5th edition, probably better to just play Adventures in Middle-Earth. It is 5th edition Lords of the Ring, and focus a lot of on traveling, journey and everybody has different task during the journey and survival.

Second choice is Trudvang Chronicles but not sure you want to invest in a new system entirely but does go in depth when it comes to travel, survival and it's a fantasy setting.

You could step back in time to AD&D 2E and look at the Dark Sun setting. They really pushed survival in a harsh climate as a game element there.

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