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Can't decide on a game system!

Originally Posted by Ammogromin View Post
Someone recently told me I should try Anima. I have the books but haven't looked at them in quite a few years.
As far as I remember it had a convoluted damage chart and a class/ level based system. But I was told in good confidence I should consider it.
Not too familiar with the system TBH. The few times I played it were like drop in the bucket games that confused everyone when it came time to roll combat.
From my reading of it a couple years ago? No, you really, really don't need that.
The confusing part is the one thing all reviews and most people who have played Anima all mention. And there's a reason for that, IMO.

OK, you've been warned!

Thanks for all the help. I think I will take awhile to look at all the ones I've been recommended then make a choice.
I think I may go with Mythras I am unsure as of yet but it's the biggest contender I've received.


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