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Pathfinder - I need haunt ideas!

Pathfinder - I need haunt ideas!

I've currently got my party locked in a haunted house, and the only way to escape is going to be to dispel all of the haunts. Unfortunately, I'm not terribly good at coming up with haunts, so I've only got two right now.

My party is level 5, and consists of a bard, a paladin, a vitalist, an earth wizard, and two custom classes (one is a transformation-based class with abilities based on self-harm, while the other is essentially a pro-wrestler)

Also, there's going to be interference from allips and decrepit bodaks once in a while.

My favorite haunts are haunts that can only be "dispelled" when the ghost gets what it wants, completes it story, or manages to free itself from what is holding it to this world.

The last haunt I ran was about a couple's tragic romance that ended in the horrific death of the entire family in the old family mansion. The characters visited the mansion to investigate and immediately became entangled in that story. On the first night, they started having dreams which revealed fragments of the family's story. Their investigation of the house revealed more. Eventually, the characters were being possessed by the ghosts, and each possession lasted longer. "Fighting" the ghosts kept them at bay, but the players soon realized that they only way to "defeat" the ghosts and escape was to know the whole story. And they only way to know the whole story was to stop resisting the ghosts, incarnate them in the characters' bodies, and allow the story to play out (and try not to murder or be murdered in the process).

I have no idea how ghosts work metaphysically in Pathfinder, but that might be something to try.

I am assuming at you already looked at the first book of the carrion crown adventure path and all the haunt examples there?

The ghost of a priest in the living room, who preached about the inevitability of death and the righteousness of the cycle of life, despite being utterly terrified of death himself. A sudden demise left him in denial, and he continues to preach to those who come by. It will be difficult to convince him he is dead. Once he realizes this, the terror of his own situation leads him to cling to his undeath with ferocious determination, desperately fleeing the party as they attempt to persuade him to pass on, and trying to lead them away from the item that holds him here: a tattered holy book. Do your players have the guts to burn a holy book?

The ghosts of a pair of drunkards in the wine cellar, who died of alcohol poisoning there many years past. They sing drinking songs and tell each other bar stories as they fade away and are able to remember less and less about their lives. They are very noisy, and constantly disturb the ghost of a maid who died when she drank poison meant for the lord of the house. She comes down to the cellar periodically, tells them off, then they all forget each other and continue the cycle eternally, each time less coherently. You may free the drunks by smashing the few wine bottles that remain and telling them to go home. You can free the maid by convincing her that she died nobly serving her lord, and that a good afterlife awaits her.

The ghost of a young girl, trying desperately to hide under the covers of her bed on the upper floors. She was afraid of a monster under her bed. That monster turned out to be a bodak, which quite literally scared her into undeath with its gaze. Is it still there? You tell me. Destroying at least one of the bodaks and showing her that the monsters could be beaten gives her the courage to pass on into the afterlife.

Hope these are helpful. Have a lovely day!

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