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[Dark Sun] Veiled Alliance Seeks Preserver Wizard Liaison

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[Dark Sun] Veiled Alliance Seeks Preserver Wizard Liaison

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Ok, third times a charm...for some reason the board would not allow me to edit the errors of the last two listings. THIS should be correct now, except the description at the bottom of this post is not current and accurate (will be able to update once Admin control gets transferred to me)...

Greeting Weavers!

As it says on the tin, our group is seeking a single new player to complete our quartet on a quest to take back the tablelands from the Champions of Rajaat once and for all!

This will be a bit different from the typical Dark Sun game you might be used to...

They tend to be very gritty, deadly, and sometimes a bit bleak and hopeless. There is the carryover mentality from AD&D 2nd that you make three starting characters at a time because you expect they are going to die.

Yet such a harsh environment also breeds the strongest of protagonists as well.

This game will focus on a new generation of higher level heroes, those who have at least some small fighting chance against the epic level Wizard-Psions that are the Sorcerer-Kings. You are not a novice, but a survivor, an exemplar of your profession.

We've also done away with the manacles of the metaplot. The Prism Pentad was an ok read, but it makes NPCs the stars of the show. Worse, over its course reveals too many mysteries while ultimately altering so many elements of the status quo that make the setting so interesting.

To fix the problem we are making one world-altering twist to the standard starting canon: Kalak succeeds...

The New Normal
The biggest problems with adventuring in the setting all stem from the metaplot. Most games start out right after Kalak is killed, but what if we ignore that utterly, and say that Kalak actually succeeds and transforms himself into the second Dragon?

I know, it's crazy but hear me out...

The more I thought about it, I just could not rationalize the idea of Tyr just becoming a Free City. As soon as Kalak is killed a few things happen...in the books the Templars still maintain control over the city, but bereft of their spells (and I can't recall if the templars we've been fighting currently have been casting spells, or just using psionics, but they should definitely not have spells if Kalak is dead).

I don't see this happening...instead what would happen is a mass revolt of the slaves killing off the templars. Some of them, and some of the merchant houses would manage to lock themselves within compounds with their small private armies, but by and large it would be anarchy. The books try to explain this by having the Prism Pentad protagonists (!) manage to take control of things, but we want to excise them from the metaplot entirely.

Even if order is maintained, Tyr's iron mines are just too valuable and Borys needs their slave tribute to keep Rajaat in his prison, so the only logical thing to do is that all of the SK's and their armies, lead by the dragon show up and steamroll Tyr. I just don't see it going down any other way.

I thought that maybe in the distraction the Veiled Alliance could use the opening to free the slaves and take over the other City-States, but again, epic level gestalt wizard-psions and their armies steamroll. It just makes it really difficult for the PCs to make much of a dent pre-epic, and one of the ideas of this game is a version of Dark Sun where we can plausibly survive to such heights and really make that difference.

All of this gets upturned if Kalak succeeds. Nearly the entire population of Tyr, 40,000 people are slain, which conveniently can include the book heroes who are unsuccessful in stopping Kalak. Remember that Kalak is able to supercharge the full dragon transformation with the help of Sacha and Wyan, two Rajaat loyalists who hope to turn the tables on Borys.

This creates a wrinkle in the power structure that opens up the possibility for player characters a lot more. Kalak will still have his army of 15,000 strong, but he can't defeat the combined might of the other City-States and Borys. However he has more than enough, combined with his newly strengthened templars to hold the mighty fortress-walls of Tyr from a protracted and fatally costly siege, and with Kalak now a dragon, Borys can't just show up and flatten all resistance.

So we now have to powerful dragons on opposite sides of the Tablelands, locked in a semi-stalemate, so they have to resort to less conventional methods of warfare, making the entire chessboard much more ripe for intrigue and adventure.

We are melee stacked, with a Mul Gladiator, Elan Psychic Warrior, and an Asherati Druid-Walker in the Waste.

What we REALLY need, both for party composition and story reasons is a Preserver Wizard to be our connection to the Veiled Alliance. We're looking for a reliable and tenacious player, but also one who understands that the PbP medium is slow and prone to the occasional slowdown when RL hits us.

Please make note of the Setting Info here

Character creation and house rule guidelines here.

Please submit your Application here.

Game Description:

This is not the Athas you know...

Kalak succeeded.

Nearly the entire population off Tyr, 40,000 souls drained with dark defiler magic in order to transform the 2nd Champion of Rajaat into the second Dragon. The heroes of the Prism Pentad perished with all the rest in their attempt to stop the transformation.

With the floating heads of Sascha and Wyan as twisted advisors, the Tablelands now have a true opposing power to the tyranny of Borys of Ebe, in control of the fortress-city of Tyr and its priceless mines of iron ore.

With this one change the balance of power has shifted in the setting. With two dragons at war, distracted, the time is ripe for new heroes to come to the fore. The Veiled Alliance. The Dusty Conclave. The Druids of the Forest Ridge. The downtrodden masses.

A new revolution will be born.

A new dawn is on the horizon...

This is the Dark Sun Rising.

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Dark Sun is my first love in gaming, and still my favorite setting ever. I will be throwing my hat in the ring, assuming the slot wasn't first-come first-served.

I don't know Dark Sun, so I won't apply, despite loving wizards. It sounds like there are several candidates who would do a much better job.

Oh, and... "Hi, Thistledown. How's it going! Haven't seen you since Relics of the Past! "

Originally Posted by Wiz View Post
I don't know Dark Sun, so I won't apply, despite loving wizards. It sounds like there are several candidates who would do a much better job.

Oh, and... "Hi, Thistledown. How's it going! Haven't seen you since Relics of the Past! "
Have no idea why our DM ghosted that one. Shen was such a fun character to play, almost a villain/antihero in some ways and I had a whole backstory and progression planned out for him.

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