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{CONGRATULATIONS, YOU WON!} -- A street level Shadowrun Game

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{CONGRATULATIONS, YOU WON!} -- A street level Shadowrun Game

The Shadows That Birthed You - Forum
Shadowrun 5e

██▓▒░P r e m i s e

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0148 //vivek@ncbz02 ~$ *** Looking up your ident...
0148 //vivek@ncbz02 ~$ *** Found your hostname...
0148 //vivek@ncbz02 ~$ *** Found your ident...
0149 //vivek@ncbz02 ~$ *** Connected to Network!
-- Server time is 01:49, Wen 26th 2079 --
0149 //vivek@ncbz02 ~$ *** Update Available. Install? (y/n)
0148 //vivek@ncbz02 ~$ : n
0149 //vivek@ncbz02 ~$ *** Installing...
0151 //vivek@ncbz02 ~$ *** Bad command. Format? (y/n)
0151 //vivek@ncbz02 ~$ : n
0f10 //vivek@xxxxxx ~$ CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WON!!
0f10 //vivek@xxxxxx ~$ ꀤ꓄ ꀤꌗ ꈤꂦ꓄ ꍏ ꀭꂦꀘꍟ. ꉓ꒒ꍏꀤꂵ ꌩꂦꀎꋪ ꅏꀤꈤꈤꀤꈤꁅꌗ? (ꌩ/ꈤ)
You wake up to find an update forced to your commlink, one you couldn't stop or didn't remember downloading depending on just how tech-savvy you really are. Now someone has every little incriminating thing about you that could be digitally dredged up on a private server somewhere, and they're demanding that you leave behind the humdrum life you've known and become one of those SINless wonders you've only ever heard tales of.

It started out as just simple tasks at first, little break-ins and deliveries that a teenage ganger could handle; the weirdest thing is that these blackmailers paid, and in some cases, a hell of a lot better than your day job did - assuming you're not still trying to work it and keep things looking kosher for the family. Those credits came in handy more than once; maybe the deal isn't so bad after all? Be honest: is the pay lucrative enough that you've started considering crime as a profession? Or are you just counting down the tasks until they'll release their hold on you?

Whatever your case, there's never been a Johnson to greet you, just that insipidly cheerful voice on your commlink that tells you when to be where and at what time. You're almost done; whoever is pulling your strings promised you're nearly off the hook. This will be your first mission with a group, the first time you get a taste of what real shadowrunning is like.

The problem is, you're just a shmuck, and the shadows eat people like you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
██▓▒░A ʙ ᴏ ᴜ ᴛ ᴍʏsᴇʟғ

Howdy, gonna try and keep this simple! I've been roleplaying for more than 10 years, mostly freeform or D&D, but I love learning and trying out different systems.

The game I'm looking to play with this is going to be closer in execution to freeform. I'm looking tell the tales and adventures of some interesting characters, and I want to also explore and invent a world around them as we go along. I have always been more of a rules-light type of guy (having come to DnD from freeform); I like to use rolls to keep the chaotic feeling of 'realness' alive in a narrative, establishing a sense of 'Theatre of the Mind' for things. For the most part I'm going to be running off a loose idea of what kind of storyline I intend[ed] to have unfolded, but otherwise making everything up as things go along.

I'll be handling a lot of the world exposition the same way, inventing histories, races, monsters and factions on the fly and explaining them when it's appropriate. Your characters will help develop the world with their histories and decisions.

██▓▒░Wʜᴀᴛ I'ᴍ ʟᴏᴏᴋɪɴɢ ғᴏʀ

Expectations and suggestions:
  • I want players who give detailed and interesting posts. Sometimes there are lulls in a conversation where there might not seem to be a lot you can do outside of describing how you roll your eyes and scoff audibly and I will do my best to keep things moving along. But I prefer to avoid one-line posts and huge blocks of speech whenever possible - if the latter is what you want to do, mix it up with some description of attitude, action, and thoughts. This should read more like a collaborative story than a chat log.

  • As I am a storyteller, the rule of cool applies here. If it's cool, cinematic and epic I'll probably allow it. I adhere to the spirit of the law insofar as it keeps the story good - but some rules are meant to be broken. I routinely (in my own play) ignore rules in favor of story and thematic penalties I didn't technically need to take if it makes for more engaging story-writing down the line.

  • Unless I tell you otherwise assume you can play with the scenery to help craft the story - I think Shadowrun: Anarchy allows this more to some extent, but I'm not very familiar with that system. Feel free to give me some forewarning if you'd like, but the vibe I'm going for with this game is more like freeform roleplaying.

  • Expectations on Posting: I admit freely that my interest in writing comes and goes like the phases of the moon. One week it might be the only thing I want to do, the next I'd rather bore my eyes out. As such I'd like this to be pretty relaxed, so my only requirement is at least 2-3 posts a week since that is typically manageable, and to keep the group updated if you're unable to post but intend to continue. Plenty of games just die without a word, so I'd like to at least keep up some level of communication.

Insofar as writing goes, there are of course going to be typos and other mistakes any time your writing something, that's somewhat inevitable. That said, writing proficiency is going to be a lot of what I'll base my decision making process on in picking characters out. I'm not saying I'm looking for novel level quality or anything, I'm hardly there myself, but I'd like for it to feel like I'm reading a story when I skim through the archives later along.

What I'm looking for is less of a party and more interesting characters. When you're pitching characters what I'd like to get a sense of is what their personal mission is; basically a quest or drive based on their backstory and unrelated to any suggested hooks or plots I might posit to you.

The Basics
Rules System: Shadowrun 5e / Anarchy (?)
▓▒░Chargen and Restrictions: Karmagen at 575 points, some uncommon races allowed.

Number of Players: 3-5 and leaning towards the lower end, but depends on interest.

Tone: The tone of the game I'm going for is a mix between Shadowrun, Bright, and CyberGenerations. I'm still fairly new to Shadowrun despite having run it a couple of times before, been in a few games, and played some of the video game counterparts. When I have run SR games, they tend to be a less Bladerunner and more like Minority Report in terms of how I approach the setting - which is a deficiency of my own that I'll admit. Part of the reason for running this game Street Level is that I like approaching the lower caste of the world in a similar manner to the movie Bright, but not so modern.

I'll be going for something between Black Trenchcoat and Brown Business Suit, and hopefully adapting to whichever one fits best as the stories go on.

Recruitment Ends: No definite time set, but probably 3 weeks from this post going up unless applications go dry or I see some folks I definitely want to write with.

Game Description:

There is a single, uniform commonality between members of the working class that transcends concerns of race, politics, and nationality: your struggle to survive. These are the normal folk who volunteer to become deadboys and sell their lives for a regular wage; the ones who work and hustle to keep soycafe in their cups and think a night under the golden arches is special; the ones who gave up any hope of an honest living years ago, but are too scared to run the shadows and risk ending up a corpse.

These folks aren't chromed out deckheads looking for a score - well, they might be deckheads still. They are, or were, honest folk trying to get by in a dog-eat-dog world. The glitz and glam off the upper society, and the thrilling excitement of the shadows, those things were like a dream before, something you only glimpsed on trideos. Before what, you ask? Well...

"Me? I'm a big deal in the resistance."
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You could turn that sort of concept into a Shadowrun "Enthusiast", like a character who's a Super-Fan of all the movies and sims and trid productions of shadowrunners in-universe. Bought a set of armor, a nice sword and a gun or two in the last half-dozen years. Goes to the shooting range regularly, practices with the sword, wanting to be a Shadowrunner but always having an excuse why he couldn't, or he was just too afraid of breaking the law- again.

Because maybe what he's being blackmailed with was that he accidentally killed someone, maybe someone totally innocent like a child or something, when he was reckless one night or drunk etc. Maybe was shooting out in a field somewhere or was sneaking around in full "Kit" and ended up doing something terrible by accident etc. But it was recorded and now the Blackmailer is forcing him to become a Shadowrunner and he's kind of into it but wishes there wasn't blackmail- but he knows it's the only reason he's actually doing it soooo.

If you really wanted to push the envelope, there are a few in-universe reasons that aren't "I'm a Shadowrunner, I need the Bonuses" to have cyberware and bioware that Shadowrunners frequently have. Medical disorders frequently warrant cyberware as a means to 'cheaply' fix the problem. Bone lacing, for one, is a common medical practice for several conditions in-universe. Maybe your character suffered an infection of CFD and a nervous system reinforcement (Wired Reflexes 1, Skillwires etc) was required to solve your issues. Now justifying the cyberware this way should also involve taking some negative qualities to represent the lingering side effects that you still have, but it could be a way.

You could also just happen to be a cop that got quietly kicked off the force for doing something terrible. To save face and avoid massive lawsuits Knight Errant/Lone Star could be keeping it quiet but the Hacker could be blackmailing him with making the information public. A lower end corporate cop could be justified in having a level of Wired Reflexes. Or if they were a mage, a small selection of combat spells.

But nothing like fireball or anything mass-destructive like that. Unless that's why he got fired, of course. He got to cast it- once.

Going to most likely be closing applications at the start of next week -- either the 26th or 27th. Still time and room for anyone who might be interested to drop an app in!


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