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Northern lands of orcs require your leadership!

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Northern lands of orcs require your leadership!

The Hordelands - Forum

The Hordelands is a homebrew system based on D&D 3.5 that focuses both on administrating an orc tribe and individual adventure of its chief.

The Hordelands call! Three houndred years ago orcs set their feet upon those lands and claimed them as their own. From generation to generation they have been lead by rulers of varying competention. After yours predecesors death you have been chosen as new chief of your tribe. Will you lead your people to greatness and prosperity through conquest or diplomacy? Or will you neglect your duties for sake of searching for personal power and glory? The choice is yours to make, and that choice will shape the future of Hordelands for the generations to come...

I would advice to read the rules first. Then hop on to the first game I will be hosting right here.

Game Description:

The Hordelands is my attpempt at mixing d&d 3.5 with a decision making strategy. You are an orc chieftain in titular Hordelands, trying to provide for his people.

The game has two modes. In first one you are commanding your people. You can send your advisors to attend matters in your name (order them construction of a building or mobilizing the army) or do it yourself. This is done in simultainous rounds that count in weeks. What decisions CAN you make? That is limited by your imagination. You want to make your whole tribe into warriors and conquer your way through the land, becoming it's sole overlord? Or to explore the vast land while your advisors rule in your stead? You can do it. Stay as nomad horde that wonders the steppes or build great empire that awes all others. All of this, and more, is possible in Hordelands.

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Oh la la. I've been craving a strategic political role-playing experience like this. I was hoping for a kingmaker game, but this sound really interesting. I also love me some orcs. I was reading over the rules, is raiding human settlements part of generating food stores?

I'm much more familiar with pathfinder and 5e then 3.5, so i might need help building my chieftain. I guess I also have to ask, how much is this this going to be a strategic planning game, how much is going to be standard dnd combat and how much is going to be role play opportunities. I would prefer to lean into the role play opportunities myself, but i could maybe handle those myself. We'll see.

I haven't finished writing all the rules yet, but I will before first game starts.

I am more than happy to help with character creation. Make a thread or PM me, ethier is fine.

The overall idea of rading is that you can raid ANYONE, humans, dwarves, elves, npc orcs and other players. The resource you get depends on what you take and what the target has. In terms of food I wanted to make it so that the tribe can survive both by raiding and making their own.

Regarding playstyle, it depends on how you want to play. You can micro, macro or something between.

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