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Ravenloft: The Mists of Zawallah

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Ravenloft: The Mists of Zawallah

The Mists of Zawallah - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

The dense jungle foliage slowly gives way to a black swamp. Your boots sink up to the ankles in the muck. The smell of decomposing vegetation and something acrid that you can't quite place assaults your nostrils. The heat has been nearly unbearable, made worse by the frequent rain and the almost-constant swarms of insects that buzz about your face like a cloud. The sounds of jungle life mix with the sloshing of large creatures within the swamp. The mire in front of you ripples and heaves as a giant, skeletal arm reaches up, shreds of rotting skin caked in mud dangle and fall off.

This is Zawallah, an island of dense rain forests, thick jungles, and inhospitable swamps. Violent natives war with each other as well as bands of lizardfolk, lycanthropes, and even fouler creatures. Oppressive heat and frequent rainfall make even a short trek difficult. Ruling over all of it is Folami Tuma, a wretched weaver of black magic and high priest to gods from before the dawn of man.

Number of Players: 5

Starting Level: 5

Start Date: August 19th, unless I get plenty of applicants before that date

Character Creation rules can be found HERE.

A Little About Me: I started playing AD&D 1E in 1987, and took the reigns for the first time when AD&D 2E released in 1989. Since then, I've predominantly DMd/GMd, and have ran many, many systems, to include: all editions of D&D, WoD (old and new), Star Wars (WEG), EarthDawn, Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, and countless others. I'm a fairly laid-back DM that feels that rules, while important, shouldn't get in the way of a great story. I'm not a fan of rules-lawyers. I run my games predominantly in Theater of the Mind style, throwing in maps when it's absolutely necessary to know exact positioning (AKA combat). Apart from RPGs, I am married to a fellow gamer who has shared this great hobby with me for the last 15 years. I have two sons, both of which also play. I draw, paint, sculpt, and play golf and guitar badly.

What I Expect: Posting rates may vary. We all have lives outside of the internet, and sometimes those lives get busy. I fully understand that. I don't expect a post from everyone every day. Try to post at least once within 3 days and we'll be good. During combat, if you go more than three days without a post your turn will be skipped so that the other players aren't simply waiting around. I don't like player squabbling (character squabbling can be okay, though), so if you have a problem with another player, please keep it out of the game threads. If you want to chit-chat, there will be an OOC thread. Please try to keep all chatter in the IC thread in-character. Apart from that, just have fun. We're all telling a story. Let's make it a good one.

Game Description:

A Ravenloft campaign set within the homebrew domain of Zawallah.
Zawallah is a dense jungle/swamp domain lorded over by an ancient priest of forgotten gods.
The campaign will involve overland travel and encounters, as well as the occasional dungeon delve.

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There are definitely Solomon Kane (and other R.E. Howard) influences throughout this campaign.

This reminds me of the Ravenloft novel, “Dance of the Dead”. Any chance you are taking any inspiration from that?

"I draw, paint, sculpt, and play golf and guitar badly."

to what does the 'badly' apply?

Man... that looks awesome...
I wish you all good luck!
Unfortunately won't have the time to properly contribute to one more game

Originally Posted by zpolloock View Post
"I draw, paint, sculpt, and play golf and guitar badly."

to what does the 'badly' apply?
Depending on the day, all of them.

Originally Posted by PapaSvirf View Post
This reminds me of the Ravenloft novel, “Dance of the Dead”. Any chance you are taking any inspiration from that?
Not really. The only real similarities are swamps and undead. There is no French/New Orleans-style personalities or locations. There is no Louisiana-type voodoo. This is more African traditional tribes, locations, and personalities, with a hearty mix of Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft thrown in.


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