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A Mile is Not Enough

A Mile is Not Enough

So, I started a roleplay the other day, and I need a little bit of help figuring out where we should put character sheets. The only thing I can think of so far, is Google docs. Is there a better answer?

Here's why:

Every character potentially has a different dice method and rules. I'm not getting into why. I tried Roll20, but everyone has to have the same sheet type (I'm personally an NS5 robot using the Earthdawn system, someone else is a Nen User using D&D5e) and that won't work. Here, there's no blank Earthdawn that I saw.

/snarky answer

Okay, so honestly, it depends wildly by system, medium, and a whole lot of personal preference. When playing online PbP style, I use the MW sheets - they're excellent most of the time. Even when building a level 25 gestalt/mythic pathfinder character and I quickly run out of room - still good stuff.

Meanwhile, I'll upload things to my google drive and share them with my group if needed (I don't do a lot of online play outside of PbP, so I rarely need to do this). Some systems require this, regardless, because of how much information is on a character sheet that there isn't enough room on the built-in sheet, such as Shadowrun (although chummer5 now exports to a format that Roll20 can read, which is kinda cool). Other cases, it's just a hand-coded deal on the forums, like many applications are here on the Weave.

Side note: I noticed you mention varying systems in use in a game - that's a recipe for confusion and a bad time... the amount of homebrewing needed for something like that would be more nightmare inducing than learning Rifts on your own. It's doable, but you gotta have a GM who is a god at converting on the fly. And likely insane, too.

Everyone's a GM, and a player. While a player is the campaign GM, they don't get to decide loot or rewards that their own character gets.

Insane? Are you calling me insane? I have some paperwork on the desk in the other room that shows I grew up in a mental institute, and a note from my doctor is under a magnet on the fridge, prescribing a tarantula for an emotional support animal to help alleviate my schizophrenia. So I can prove I'm not insane

(none of this is a joke but I definitely stated it as one)

I'll be here all week!

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