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Mythweavers will let you run any game as long as it's PG-13 (rated for minors, so no gratuitous sex and graphic/extreme violence)
There's a conversation thread on it at the moment, but Homebrews are generally less successful here.

By all means post an ideas thread and we'll see how it fits in.

Does anyone think a werewolf-vampire hybrid PC would unbalance an evil campaign?

And yes it is posible but unlikly to happen.

(Presuming DnD 3.5) In general, high LA/RHD races and templates lose out to more class levels in most games. This is not the case in gestalt, but presuming a standard game, if you're using the LA/RHD rules correctly and the others are playing intelligently, that character would probably lag behind the others in combat.

Still, that's based on several presumptions that may not be applicable to your situation. What level are the characters in this game, and what are the classes of the other players?

With a spoon of course.. duh!

The earth isnt a perfect sphere it is an oblate spheroid - so the haversine formula is at best an approximation. Vincenty's formulae are two related iterative methods used in geodesy to calculate the distance between two points on the surface of an spheroid. They are based on the assumption that the figure of the Earth is an oblate spheroid, and hence are more accurate than methods such as great-circle distance which assume a spherical Earth.


Given the coordinates of the two points (φ1, λ1) and (φ2, λ2), the inverse method finds the azimuths α1, α2 and the ellipsoidal distance s.

Calculate U1, U2 and L, and set initial value of λ = L. Then iteratively evaluate the following equations until λ converges:

When λ has converged to the desired degree of accuracy (10−12 corresponds to approximately 0.06mm), evaluate the following:

The formula may have no solution between two nearly antipodal points; an iteration limit avoids this case.

Originally Posted by AbsentWizard View Post
To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what that math means, but google and wikipedia are my friends. I would hate to give the impression that I am intelligent because sadly I am not, but I can type and read

I really hope that helps AbsentWizard.

Kyp, in case you come here looking for your question on psionics, I moved it to the Character Build subforum of Game Rules & Advice. You can find the new thread here.

A "how to" question...

Today, a player suggested that I set up a separate "private thread" for each player so there's a place for private back-and-forth between character and DM in case I have to impart something (like what happens when they succeed on that perception check, and no one else does), or to facilitate ideas being tossed around.

Has anyone seen this before? Does it/ would it work? And, then, how would I do it? Thx.

Yes, it's not uncommon.

This is how you do it:

(Basically, play with the control buttons until you find the one that lets you set up who can see the thread. As the DM, you see everything. If/when the game is archived, all private threads become non-private.)

You can also embed private paragraphs within other posts. That's another fairly common way to give the results of skill checks.

Use the following tags:
[private=player A]Here are the results of your skill check, and player B is about to fall into a pit.[/private]

Here's how it looks (everyone close their eyes; only Abelard and the moderators will see this, I think.)

When I DM, I put secret DM rolls in private tags. I may also keep other kinds of information in private tags -- running totals of hp, reminders of which effects are occuring, some monster actions the characters aren't supposed to know, and so on.


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