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If you have any readers in the game, be aware that they can see private text and private threads. Think of a reader as looking over the DM's shoulder.

Which is one reason some GM's are reluctant to accept readers as replacement players, particularly in games with a high degree of player secrecy.

The random item tables for 4th ed are a lie.
AFAIK, that is.

Originally Posted by Roi View Post
The random item tables for 4th ed are a lie.
AFAIK, that is.
In other words there are none?

Yes. If anyone would like to correct me on this, feel free to, but I am quite sure in that statement.

I am thinking of running a FF3.5e game using a supplement this one, FF like game are generally higher levels than your average dnd starting campaign. I do want to give my players room to grow and yet make it like a final fantasy experience (even going into epic), so any suggestions on a good starting level range?

I'm thinking of running a 4th Ed DnD campaign on this website. However, I know combat in 4e takes long enough even in person. I have a couple of ideas for speeding things up, but what are some tried-and-true ways of finishing encounters ASAP in 4e PbP DnD?

Just play through them normally.

Seriously, combat encounters in 4e don't that as long as people paint them to take in 4e. Of course, it depends on DM/player posting rate, but if they have a good posting rate (1/day at least), combat hardly take more than a week to finish - and I'm talking about major combats, easy or simple encounter usually last only three or so days. Of course, if the players are slower to post, it will take longer to finish the encounter.

A method I've seen used is halving hit points for all player characters and monsters, and halving healing effects as well. It makes combat faster, but also more deadly, so this should be used with caution.

There are other, non-mechanical ways to make combats end sooner as well. For example, if the encounter is clearly a victory to the PCs but there are still monsters standing, I'll just write them dying, running away or surrendering. There is no need to extend the combat for another round or two when there is clearly no threat any more.

I hope that helps!

Edit: Oh yes, also one major factor in speed is DM organization. If you have your stuff straightened out - monster tactics, updated maps, status tables, or whatever you feel more comfortable doing -, then you'll be checking results and making updates much faster, which will in turn allow players to post faster as well, if they are on-line.

That does help, thanks very much! I know when I run 4e combat in real life, it takes longer than my 3.5 combats did. But if you say they can be resolved within a week, I am glad.


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