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ICRPG 2E: The Pokemon Experiment

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ICRPG 2E: The Pokemon Experiment

Hoenn Adventures - Forum

After an uncomfortable five hour journey in a cramped boat, you step out onto the famous beach of Slateport. Just about every beach in Hoenn is supposedly "famous" according to hordes of instagram models flocking to this region. However, there's no time for sightseeing because you've got a--


Your thoughts are interrupted by a sudden, almost abusive slap on your back.

"We've got a job to do, rookie! No time for sightseeing!"

...Is your boss a mind reader or something? A little more information about this job would be nice.

Last week you were wrangling Tentacools out of a hotel's swimming pool, and a week before that you were escorting scientists through some ungodly hole in the ground that was crawling with fire types. This week seems like one of those "mysterious package" jobs, in which you are better off not asking too many questions.

You quickly check your gear and starting following him down the beach to the meetup point. Hopefully it's not a job for those weirdos wearing pirate costumes again, those guys almost always start a fight if you even look at them the wrong way. Not that you couldn't handle them this time, you've been training and even leveled up your--

"ROOKIE! We're almost there, and remember not to start a fight this time! No one cares that your Pokemon learned a move, we've got money to make!"

... Maybe those instagram models have the right idea after all, this sucks.

Game Description:

ICRPG 2nd Ed but with Pokemon! Don't worry if you've never played the system before because this is my first time as well. My aim is to avoid overly crunchy mechanics while still keeping the spirit of Pokemon. Think of it as RPing in the TV show instead of trying to emulate the video game.

The setting will be in Hoenn, and the party will be some sort of group that does odd jobs across the region. Players will be pursuing their own goals as well, so there might very well be some old fashioned gym battles if someone decides to go that route.

Exploration! Abandoned places! Antagonistic wild animals! Eccentric people that want to battle regardless of the situation! Treasure! Maybe some mythological Pokemon, evil scientists, and explosions! Free healthcare!

Currently looking for 2-3 brave souls who are willing to test the waters. Posting rate should be a minimum of 2-3 times a week. If you are interested drop me a PM or start making a character in the forum!

How long are you accepting applications for? I'm interested, but I need some time to get familiar with the system rules and character creation.

I'll probably take apps until the end of the month, but I can wait longer if you are interested. A singleplayer sandbox campaign is something I would be down for under the right circumstances.

I really like the idea of the ICRPG system. I'll definitely be putting in an app.

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