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GURPS Temporarily Misplaced

independent income would not be worthwhile to take. You could take it as background flavor for zero CP, but you may not receive any tangible benefit if you do.

Status would have a lingering effect as there are other survivors. Later you'd be able to convert the status and to any new population easier than someone buying it up from scratch.

hakootoko, I'd still like the initial 25 CP to represent your everyday persona, probably some teaching/research skills, ancient languages, reputation with other archaeologists, university connections. Knowing how to make stone age technology starts to get into adventurous knowing you're going into a survival type situation. I'd be looking at how the character was developed.

Think of your character like this. The game is 125/50. But I'm giving you 25 CP for background and fluff that may or may not be useful later.

Sorry if I phrased that poorly. My intention was along the lines of yours. 25 cp in teaching/research skills, etc.. But stone age technology comes out of the 'adventuring' cp.

I'm thinking forensic scientist of some type. Maybe returning to Johannesburg from somewhere in the US via Miami.

Quirks? Are they included in the -50 disadvantage limit?

up to 5 quirks (not part of the 50) two may be undetermined. I allow this for players to 'shake out' their characters and flavor once the campaign starts.

How many PCs are you looking to have in the game?

If we take skills with tech level 8, are there penalties for having use the skill at a lower tech level? The first thing I thought of was Engineering/TL8 (Civil) for building longer-term structures that won't fall down (as opposed to the initial build-a-lean-to-with-sticks-and-leaves, which is more of a survivalist / boy scout thing). What happens to the skill when we're operating at TL 0?

I'd like at least four players, probably start with more.

Tech level changes are variable. If you are a modern day electrical engineer, you may not know how to build vacuum tubes.

On the other hand, a doctor that only has bandages and boiling water can probably still clean a wound without infection setting in. But open heart surgery might be problematic with tweezers and a machete.

A pharmacists might know the dosages for codeine 3 by weights, but he probably doesn't know which plant to use instead.

Similarly, an armoury tech might know they need to get bar stock of 4140 chrome moly steel to create a gun barrel. But would they know how to make that steel? Or the lathe to turn it?

Basic page 168 states that the ways and means are often historical footnotes. There's a show available on youtube called Secrets of the castle, it documents a bunch of people using ancient technology and ancient means to build a medieval castle. Something of note that I watched last night was when they were talking about firing clay tiles and how many batches they went through to figure it out. They certainly have an advantage from a greater understanding of science principles than someone from an early age. You can default or learn an early skill, in modern times, it's a hobby.

If you've read Stirling's Nantucket series (I read the first few) you might get an idea of what challenges there will be.

Well, some of the TL difference penalties are very appropriate, others not so much. I think a lot would call for a case by case examination. A lack of proper equipment is going to be the big problem to overcome.

Stirling's Nantucket series isn't bad, but a better example (and much better researched) would be Eric Flint's Ring of Fire series (1632, etc.).

I've got my character mostly done (all points spent at least). Almost 50cp in career and career related skills.

So, when do we start?

I agree, and some of that might be likened to what the original TL of the project is. Making a road is pretty low TL and wouldn't have a penalty.

Paving it with asphalt on the other hand...

A log cabin would be easier than plywood and drywall housing.

So, I've explained a bit about the setting and (unfortunately) provided a major spoiler that lets everyone design characters with much higher survival chances.

The game is somewhat sandboxy. I'll throw out clues, hints, and options. Which ones the PC's choose to follow is up to them, or even going off in another direction entirely. So my question is, are there situations, events, or quests that you would like to explore with your characters? I'll try to work some of those into the game, if possible.

I'll work on the game post this weekend. Going forward, I am expecting a job change in the next couple of months (finished my degree). My posting will switch from during the day to evenings as I get back into the habit of a job where I actually have to work all day.


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