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Fugitive on the Red Planet

Any Place But Here - Forum

This game incorporates and adapts the Starfinder Society Scenario #1-02 Fugitive on the Red Planet to my currently on-going Starfinder game titled Any Place But Here. Any Place But Here is my own adaptation of the published Pathfinder adventure Fires of Creation, which is the first adventure in the Iron Gods adventure path.

The events that unfold in this version of Fugitive on the Red Planet will both parallel and, at times, intersect with those of my existing game. Depending on how things develop, it is possible that both groups of PCs will cross over into each other's adventures from time to time or influence events across adventures. But, at their core, each game is a separate story unto itself.

In order to facilitate cross-over and interaction, I plan to run both games from the same game forum. The forum for the game Any Place But Here will serve as the base, with separate threads and thread groups added to distinguish between and organize each game.

Characters all begin play as seasoned members of the Starfinder Society (i.e., level 2). This is their fifth operation together. The first two were routine investigations of ancient ruins on Castrovel that involved little combat beyond handling a few wild animals. Their third was a delicate recovery mission of information stolen from a recent cache of near-Gap records uncovered on an asteroid in the Diaspora and brought to the Starfinder lodge on Trillidiem. They successfully dealt with the thieves, who were Free Captains pirates hired by more shadowy contacts with suspected ties to the Aspis Consortium, and recovered the stolen data before it could be uploaded to an interplanetary relay. They followed the trace of that relay back to Absalom Station where they handed over responsibility for follow up with the Aspis Consortium to agents more experienced with the legal and political entanglements which those tasks would involve.

Their most recent assignment began as a simple information gathering visit to a local pawnbroker aboard Absalom Station to recover information about a set of Starfinder insignias that he claimed to have acquired, but has since become a frustrating and fruitless exercise in dead-ends and false leads. They were planning a new angle of investigation when they were summoned to a meeting with Venture-Captain Arvin to discuss a more urgent matter.

I plan to select four players for this game. I will look at closing applications by Friday, May 10, and make selections by Sunday, May 12. To apply to the game, visit the game forum and create a new thread in the Game Applications thread group. Title your thread with your character's name, race and class (e.g., Tim Human Technomancer). All other character creation guidelines are included in the Game Applications thread.

Game Description:

Two years spent reclaiming the tailings of the thasteron mines of Tasch and scrounging for skymetal in the cold, dry arroyos and deep grottoes in the nearby hills can motivate anyone to do about anything to go about anywhere else. But it's not so easy to walk away from a contract for labor owned by AbadarCorp. So, when town councilwoman, Dolga Freddert, a gray-furred ysoki machinist and forge owner, invites you to visit her office at town hall, the sound of opportunity rings louder than the warning bells to keep your head down and your nose clean.

Any Place But Here is a Starfinder adventure for 2nd level characters set in the depressed, ramshackle town of Tasch on the planet Akiton. The adventure is an amalgam of published and original material based primarily on the Pathfinder adventure Fires of Creation, converted for use with Starfinder rules. The Pact Worlds setting is highly modified and the entire adventure takes place on Akiton. The tone and setting combine post-apocalyptic industrial decay with a sci-fi dungeon crawl. Back stories can include time growing up or adventuring elsewhere but all of the PCs somehow ended up destitute, serving as the indebted chattel labor of AbadarCorps' Akiton Resources Extraction Division (ARED). Their goal is to get out and get free of their debt without fear of corporate bounty hunters hounding them from here to the ends of the galaxy.

Just so those interested in applying know, please don't take my lack of commenting on your application as any kind of indication of my interest in it one way or the other. I have thought about the merits of commenting versus not commenting and think I prefer not to.

If you have a specific question about your character concept, the rules, or the setting, please don't hesitate to post it in the questions thread. I'm more than happy to answer specific questions posted there.

Originally Posted by The_Ovla View Post
Are people from your other game forbidden from applying to this one?
"Forbidden?", no. "Discouraged?", yes.

I would prefer to expand the diversity of the player base, partly to create the potential for "intragame" interactions that feel genuine because they are, in fact, played by different people.

That said, if you want to apply and your application is clearly superior for the game concept I have in mind, then there is a chance it could be selected. A lot depends on the quality of the other submissions that I get.

Originally Posted by zpolloock View Post
Is it okay that I am a starfinder n00b?

is it OK that I seem to be cursed, that every starfinder game I get into dies before it even gets started, lol

Yep. Curses are ok too.

There are times, such as now, when my game may slow down quite a bit due to my workload. May is the final month of school, and, next to August and September, is my most hectic month of the year at work. My game posting is likely to be delayed. I will still work hard to honor the selection deadline, but even that could get unpredictable. But the game has certainly not died.

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