Exalted 2E Mortals Rule Mkay

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Exalted 2E Mortals Rule Mkay

Creation's Forgotten Tales - Forum

The Empire of Hon is being beset by rebels in the east, and the Emperor demands his loyal warriors go forth and crush the rebellion!

Mortals get a bad rap when compared to those god-beings known as Exalts, but Creation moves at the hands of the Mortal man. It may not move as easily, and not as far, but when that god-being is halfway across Creation battling some other god-thing, who is going to police the border of the kingdom? Who is going to negotiate the trade deal between kingdoms? Who is it that raises the crops, harvests them and then distributes the grain? Sure as heck ain't them! *hauk-pitoo*

Mortals only, and no, you won't be Exalting during game play. The sub-setting is the "Empire" of Hon, a fairly
And entirely non-canon
small kingdom made up of former smaller kingdoms, located in the midst of the Scavenger Lands. Politics will be a factor, as will combat and the character creation customization reflects that. Specific details in the forum!

Game Description:

Looking for three to five players, in a Mortals only 2.5ish game set in a Confederation member nation created by yours truly. Characters will be built using the Scroll of Heroes, including Professions and the Merits and Flaws sections. Specifics of the modifications from 2.5E Exalted are available in the game forum itself.

Posting schedule: If I'm not on a call at work, probably as fast as I can get to my phone.
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Indeed there is, and your timing is perfect to jump in.

Yes, indeed dunecat. What would you be looking to play, we have a warlord and an alchemist already, along with a temporarily AFK assassin.


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