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Phantasy Star Online 2

Phantasy Star Online 2

While the game is currently Japan only, the english release will be next year, there are ways around the block and while I am not advocating that anyone break the rules, I do want to talk a little about the game. Its going to be free to play, with a cash shop. I have been playing for a while and enjoy the game. If anyone else has played what parts of the game do you like or dislike.

Likes -
you can play any race class combo, there is only three classes to start and three races. Ranger, hunter, and Force are the classes. Human, Numan and Cast are the races.
You progress as you want, if you just want to play in the forest area, the game allows it. You control the speed at which you complete quests.
Quests are broken down into client orders, which you can have up to 20 at a time, and missions which you can only have one of, but you can complete many client orders in one mission, provided the monsters are in that mission.
Mission areas are never the same twice. Each map is randomly drawn to allow you to feel like your in a different area of the same planet.

dislikes -
limited supplies, your heal potions are limited to the number you can carry on your person, but your bank is always available to deposit things into it.
as a force user, you have two weapons and one weapon shared by all classes. Your power comes from your spells, which are limited in number. the spells break down into fire, air, ice, lightning, light and dark. There are 4 or 5 spells per college.

One of the early missions is to get your mag.. had to get it to level 30 for it to transform to a weapon type.

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