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Players of Older D&D and Clones

Hey Varro, We have a wiki linked to the first post. You can add yourself. Welcome!

I am recruiting for a game using the original 1974 D&D rules without supplements and with few house rules. Ad is here.

Hey all!

I wouldn't object to being added to this list! Especially now that I'm officially in Black Wyvern's Brown Box game : )

Out of curiosity, is anyone here interested in any of the rules light PbtA-inspired takes on B/X D&D: World of Dungeons, Advanced World of Dungeons, Streets of Marienburg, and others?

As for being contacted by potential DMs struggling to fill games, sure, shoot me a line. I'll probably say "no", but maybe I'll say "yes" and we can all do a happy little elf dance in the woods or something.

Sobriquet - We have a wiki now. You just go add yourself. Link in on the first page! Welcome to the Old School!

just a head's up for all you old-schoolers out there. I'm starting another AD&D 2e game. I plan on keeping the character submission phase open for about two weeks. Also, I'm looking for a well-rounded party. So if you see everybody submitting one character class, you're chances of getting in will go up if you just take a class that's not being generated.

Come one, come all. I posted and ad for a new OED&D game. I'll be using my little brown books, (or more often the pdfs which are slightly different) outdoor survival, and bits and pieces from here and there. Kudos when you identify where I blatantly plagiarized the source of my inspiration.

I am running another D&D no stinking 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. This one is going to be very much centered around dungeon delving. And uses more supplement and Holmes basic material. Ad is here.

I'm about to update the wiki and add myself. I'm just putting my name out there that I'm into OSR type stuff. Once I'm done reading a bit more I may run a Lamentations of the Flame Princess game.

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