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Recruit is just summoning not discover. Discover would probably very OP.

I played the single player content (some of it anyway) at the demo booth. Very cool. Very new player friendly. The deck is prebuilt. Each “stage” you won you get a treasure card which is usually pretty OP (one example was a 1/4 weapon with poison and mega windfury) and then you get to add three cards to your deck. The three cards have a theme. Like with warrior I could pick armor, taunt, or legendary. Depending on which of those I picked I’d get 3 cards that fit that theme added to my deck.

Ya, Discover on Recruit sounded too good. Summon a minion from deck, rather than a copy of it (like the 5,5 copy) is a difference. Please don't give (big) priest or (ramp) druid a low or mid cost version of it.

New solo content sounds fun and especially so for newbies. Cool, cool

Good timing by blizzard. Wife asked what I'd like for Christmas. I had been saving earned gold to not feel need for preorder. But nothing else I'd really like so I mentioned it. She was all good with it. Said that's about what a new video game would cost. I put in for the preorder not long ago. should do well, as did with last set. Good times

I agree. I've had to speed up my decks to fight for board early - even if not aggro.

I just came very, very close to losing to a Jade Druid that put in Marin - just because they could. Tolin's Goblet thankfully only got them 6 or so of the 4 cost 3,3 that adds a mana crystal or a 2,2 minion.

Ya. Looking forward to opening those packs. Some interesting reveals. Mostly just getting quests in. Have gotten to Rank 7, but then back to 9. Unlikely to get to 5 this season, oh well.

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