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2017 MW Fantasy Football

You know I'm in. Hype!

I've updated the first post to show everyone who has shown interest; we've got 7 so far. 3 more and I'll kick this thing hard!

I have a +1 if y'all don't mind me bringing them in?

All good. I tried to bring in a few pals but they declined

Only 7 so far, so if they want in, Nathan...

With Nathan's +1 we are at 8. I'd like to get 2 more if possible, but I'll set up the league tomorrow. If I can get email addresses pmed to me, that would be great.

The league has been set up and invites have been sent to the people who have sent me their email addresses. We have 8 in this thread who have expressed interest, with 7 emails (including my own).

Draft is scheduled for Wednesday, August 30, and 7 PM PDT, and it's a live draft. 1 minute, 30 seconds between draft picks.

Let's get it on!

Putting it on my calendar. Will do my best to get on, and I think I'll be able to. If not, autodraft. Appreciate you taking this up as Commish

I'll be there!

Count me in!


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