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HUGE Iron Kingdoms PDF Collection in Humble Bundle

HUGE Iron Kingdoms PDF Collection in Humble Bundle

I've never even played a RPG set in the Iron Kingdoms but I've always thought the setting seemed uber-cool.

Anyway, I couldn't resist this one. $15 for more Iron Kingdoms books than you will ever need. Core Rules, Prime, Primal, fiction, a bunch of other stuff, some coupons, Warmachine Tactics on Steam... it's probably the best RPG bundle I've seen them offer.

EDIT: The bundle also includes a coupon for 50% off starter battle boxes for the Warmachine Game. I added a couple to my shopping cart and confirmed it works on multiple boxes so long as they are part of the same order so there are some huge savings to be had there.

The dollar for the core rulebook seemed like good insurance in case a game comes up & time allows. If nothing else, more gaming books is good.

Interesting, vaguely heard of Iron Kingdoms...because of the Witchfire trilogy (supposedly one of the best adventures of all times) back in the days for 3.0 or something.

But doesn't look like Witchfire trilogy is part of this humble bundle.

@Chaos Emerald:

The Witchfire Trilogy is a 3.x adventure, all the humble bundle is the newer RPG (or boardgame/wargame stuff) which uses a ruleset closer to the Warmachine/Hordes wargame. I've played a converted Witchfire and it was good, although you will kind of know the story already if you have read your Warmachine Cygnar fluff as they used the Witchfire for their fluff base for the wargame.

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