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Heroes Unlimited.

Heroes Unlimited.

I'm just throwing this out to see what people have to say.

#1: Have any of you played HU2?

#2: What do you all think of it?

I'm really itching to do a game, but then M&M is right here..
There very different games. But I love both for pretty different reasons.

I haven't played it, but I've considered cannibalizing it to weird up my TMNT games.

I am that weird person that likes Palladium's games (in general) so I have both played, and enjoyed Heroes Unlimited. I've played it stand-alone, mixed with TMNT/Ninjas&Superspies, and as just another splatbook for a multiverse spanning Rifts game.

It's not the best game of it's genre, being neither newbie-friendly nor overly flexible. But I know the Palladium system well enough to guild people through it, and am not a big supporter of Class&Level systems in general, so I take these factors into account.

I happen to love Heroes Unlimited, and constantly wish someone would run a game of it here. My only beef with the system is the massive amount of house rules that have to be put into effect to account for the stuff KS and his team didn't account for.

My Position: I actually think its one of the two best Hero Systems I have seen.
Its and Mutants and Masterminds. But there great for the exact opposite reasons.

M&M Is all about balance regardless of power/concept.
PL:10 Batman is more or less on the same playing field as PL:10 Superman.

The reason I love HU
Is because Batman Isn't on the same playing field as superman.
Most of the games I have played, even when using more or less uniform character creation rules have a pretty wide power level range.

While MnM is a better role playing game.
I really feel that HU is a better Superhero game. Because, ya it has those superhero iterations.
Your a metal superhero? Well bad news the bad guy had magnetism.

Note: My favorite character set in MU is actually Eugenics from Powers Unlimited 2.
I might actually run a game in a while I have a pretty good sized setting saved on another website.

Interestingly enough Aberrant has my favorite Setting information of any Super Hero game.
The Rule Systems are absolutly terrible. Literally one of the worse I have seen. But the setting is great.

HU2. The other thing is the sheer size of the thing. Because its Palladium and can be splatted with other books.

Heroes Unlimited.
Ninjas and Superspies.
TMNT (The mutant animal rules are in the HU2 book)

I'm not as much of a fan of Rifts or GERPS proper though.
Thanks for the input.. I'm going to go binge watch My Hero Academia/One Punch man again...
Any more imput would be great. I would like to here what everyone is interested in for a game of HU if I go to run one later.

If you want a good system for superheroes, another option is Blood of Heroes, 2nd ed. It's based off the old DC Heroes system. It's unique in games in that the differences in stats are logarithmic e.g. if my char has 5 str, and yours has 4, my char is twice as strong as yours. It makes having a superman-level char not only feasible but not game-breaking in terms of the cap on stats. It's also very flexible, more so than almost every other game.

I'll take a look at it... but to be honest. I don't think I like the ideal of Logarithmic stats.

Also I actually cant imagine a more Flexible system then Mutants and Masterminds. (Maybe d20 BESM) But I'll look at anything to see what it's like.

Side Note: I think I HAVE seen the DC Heroes system.

ICONS is a good alternative. It has a lot of the randomness you find in Heroes Unlimited but its much like M and M due to the fact that its created by the same author. Its designed for simple and fast play.

Originally Posted by Cthulhu View Post
ICONS is a good alternative. It has a lot of the randomness you find in Heroes Unlimited but its much like M and M due to the fact that its created by the same author. Its designed for simple and fast play.
I like ICONS. Simple and intuitive, and PbtA.

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