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Flow Without Ceasing: A Hudson Horror Story

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Flow Without Ceasing: A Hudson Horror Story

Flow Without Ceasing - Forum

Flow Without Ceasing

"Upstate Unnatural" is a small youtube program that explores the paranormal legends of Upstate New York. It pays for itself through monetization, plus Patreon. It’s not much, but it’s yours.

You and your friends/partners have been running UU for about five years now. You’ve chased bigfoot through the Adirondacks (it turned out to be a rather surprised hiker), poked through the stone chambers of Putnam county, tried to record the sound of the Seneca Guns, visited the haunted sites along the Erie Canal and researched the Indian Lake Project Conspiracy.

It’s been fun. Not lucrative, but fun. But all good things have to end, right? Ad-pocolypse and changes in Patreon policies are making it harder to pay the bills. Paying for gas, time and equipment isn’t cheap. Maybe it’s time to end things. Maybe not.

Some of you are looking for something big, something that will bring in enough money to bankroll the show for a bit longer. Others of you are looking to end the show with a bang. Still others are looking for that one find that will finally prove the skeptics wrong. Regardless, you’re all looking for one more really impressive project.

And then the phone rings.

Investigating a haunted lighthouse? One with some interesting history? And one with a client offering to pay expenses? This might be it. This might be the big show.

And it might be the last show. One way or another.

Game Description:

Flow Without Ceasing is a one-shot Fear Itself (2nd ed) adventure for 4-5 players, set in current times using normal characters. It is based roughly on the published adventure “The Seventh Circle,” by Matthew Sanderson, transported to the Hudson Valley and rearranged a bit. It is partly a way for me to get a feel for the system.

Fear Itself is a GUMSHOE variant, very streamlined and focused on investigation. You do not need to be familiar with it to play, although some basic understanding of the GUMSHOE systems will probably spare you some headache.

Characters will be normal, modern people. You have the option of playing a psychic with a single power of detection, but this makes the character more vulnerable.

As this is a small, short game I'm setting a quick deadline for applications followed by a week of character creation. So applications will be due on June 25th, and we will hopefully begin gameplay around the 5th of July. Read the character creation guidelines and start a new thread in the Character Creation thread group.

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Cool ad! Thanks for running this! A few questions . . .

1. What is your expected posting rate? How will you enforce the posting rate for the players?

2. I read a few spoiler-free reviews of the scenario and they all pointed out that the first half of the scenario was going around town, researching the site and the people, and gathering info, and the second half of the scenario was going to the scary place. How long do you expect that first half to take in PbP? Will it be four or five months before we get to do anything scary?

I'll probably have more as I read up on the game forum. Thanks again!

1. I'm hoping for about three advances a week. I can post once per day (hopefully). As Fear Itself and the scenario are structured as a horror movie, if you don't participate then your character simply isn't in the spotlight in that particular scene. Of course, if you drop out for a couple weeks without warning then there's a chance your soul will be eaten by the nether beings. Something bad may also happen to your character.

2. Yup, 'Act 1' is basically a chance to use those investigative skills to the fullest. There's bit of plot woven through, depending on how people choose to investigate. Not 'scary' so much as 'ominous,' but it's there.

As for how long things take, it depends on how much investigation the party wants to do. There's a time limit to how long the characters have to research, though, so hopefully I can force the plot forward before they start calculating how much the lighthouse weighs.

(Somebody once asked me that when I was working at a historic house. People are weird.)

I'm thinking one month, realistically, maybe two. It may be less if everybody is like, "Let's head out, what could possibly go wrong?" There are also a couple of plot points that - if followed in a certain way - could radically change the pacing, making the whole game shorter. Apparently that happened in play testing. I think I've accounted for those, but we'll see.

Another question!

I've got one (maybe two) other player who is going to apply with me. How do you feel about making a PC a Source of Stability? We are going to be besties from high school and were thinking about making hanging out and getting baked our activity and person.

For this adventure, it should be fine.

Using other PCs as a Source of Stability is a fine and logical thing to do, but it can backfire in more violent adventure. Seeing one of your Sources get seriously injured can trigger a stability check and eventually lead to madness. So you can get a cascade effect as everybody in the group goes insane.

This is a haunted house scenario rather than a slasher scenario, so that's less likely to be a danger.

Originally Posted by Humble1 View Post
Using other PCs as a Source of Stability is a fine and logical thing to do, but it can backfire in more violent adventure. Seeing one of your Sources get seriously injured can trigger a stability check and eventually lead to madness. So you can get a cascade effect as everybody in the group goes insane.
Trust me. She already knows this. It's part of her evil plan.

I wish you would have said "no" especially considering I am the "other PC" who will no doubt get seriously injured.

(All just kidding. Character app from me coming later today.)

I also plan to post an application sometime today or tomorrow. Seems like a very interesting game!

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