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VtDAv20: Conquest of Britannia

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VtDAv20: Conquest of Britannia

V20 Dark Ages: Conquest of Britannia - Forum
Vampire: Masquerade

Welcome to the Isle of Britannia, and all of the mysteries that it holds. The Romans have started their invasion of this dark and savage land. They have come to finish what Julius Caesar started and we meant to stop them. the roman legions have the numbers and the weapons. They have the training and the desire to conquer. But they lack the one thing needed to take our lands from us, the sheer willpower that comes from defending a home.

So come and join the Council of Legends as we band together to defend out tribesman.

Year: 46 CE
System: Vampire the Dark Ages V20
Recruiting: 5 players
Recruitment End Date: September 30th 2018

Game Description:

The Romans, arguably the Masters of the World, have turned the eyes once again to the North. Julius Caesar had crossed the sea and landed on the beaches of Britannia in 55 BCE but he could not stay as he was needed to help stop a Gaul attack. This is the second attempt by the Romans to conquer Britannia and this time they did more then just land on the beaches. They landed 20,000 seasoned and well trained Roman troops at Rutupiae (Richborough, on the east coast of Kent), and the invasion begins.

The year is 46 CE and the Romans have advanced inland setting up camps and fortresses. You are the resistance and you need to stop this or risk the world as you know it. Ar you up to the task of defeating the Roman war machine. You are Ancient Vampires from the area, either having been born and turned here or having traveled here at some point.

Please see the Character Generation rules in the Forums and lets have some fun.

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