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Airship captains needed

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Airship captains needed

Setting: Akatosh - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

I tried game planning but....this isn't really a planned game, I've already made it.

So I need a few willing Airship Captains to spend 60,000 gold on a ship, some weapons, and a crew and then pilot those airships into battle against fellow players.

Two of the players have begun to create their applications for the actual game, you're more than welcome to do so.

Game Description:

There are three seperate time strains to Akatosh's history- The lush, tropical and beautiful landscape that was Akatosh prior to The Scorching. The Scorching itself. Then the desert wasteland that is Akatosh now.

  • BE (Before Event)
  • The Scorching
  • AE (After Event)

2000 BE - Akatosh is ruled over by the Council of Nine, a mixture of races and genders that determined the future of Akatosh for the good of all. It is a time of peace and prosperity, food is in abundance, and the rich gold veins of the Northern mountains run deep- providing for all. The populace is happy.

1900 BE - Five of the nine council are murdered by cultists who believe that the Nine stole their power to rule from the Dragon Knights of old.

1850 BE - The hunt for the cultists who killed the council members ends in a bloody battle. It was a trap, however, with the blood of both sides spilling into the Grand Sepulcher- the Blood Ritual needed to raise the Dragon Knights of old.

1850 BE - The Dragon Knights recall their dragons from the pocket dimension from in which they were trapped and take back the land.

1850 - 1200 BE - The tyrannical Dragon Knights rule the land with an Iron Fist- demanding high taxes, tributes, offerings and gold- the mountains in the North are bled dry to build their golden palaces.

1200 BE - The Knight Commander of the Akatosh Martial Chapter, Rayne Marshall, forms a resistance under ground- thousands flock to join it.

1200 - 0 BE The thousand year war rages - with both sides taking horrific losses that lower the lands population to no more than five people per square mile. Millions die. The land is trampled, animals are slain, villages are raided and pillaged. However, the Akatoshians take back the land mile by mile, gaining ground, gaining momentum. They discover new ways to kill dragons and bring down the Dragon Knights. They begin to win. Numbers flock en masse to join the fight.

The Scorching - Knowing they had lost again, the Dragon Knights chose to condemn the world rather than allow it to return to prosperity without their rule. Dragon fire tears apart the world. Foliage dies, the seas are magically withdrawn. The land dies and Akatosh burns. In a selfish, self destructive last bid effort to ensure the races of Akatosh never rise up to prosperity again, the dragons sacrifice themselves, encompassing the world in a ball of fire. Killing everyone above ground who had not taken shelter in caves or tunnels.

10 AE The first mortals travel above ground again to find the world decimated. No animals, no water, no plant life.

100 AE The determination of mortals is evident, as they regain some of their lost strength and band together against the raiders that occupy the desert wastes.

400 AE Magic returns to Akatosh, great Archmages build flying cities, flying airships and begin to produce magical water and food for the populace- scavending no longer needs to occur.

600 AE
- Away from the ground dwelling raiders, life returns to a small state of normalcy. Life continues, jobs are returned to, everyday new survivors are brought aboard the floating cities.

1000 AE - Crystal Shard Magitech is discovered and Airships move at lightning speeds, covering great distances. Akatosh discovers how bad the devastation truly is as they travel further than they ever have before. Hundreds of new survivors are found.

1200 AE - Stolen technology from crashed airships means Raiders and Pirates are now airborne, cities are raided in attempted sieges. It's only a matter of time before one is taken and the Raiders have an airborne haven to attack from.

1250 AE - The cities raise an Airship Naval force. Captained by none other than the heir of Rayne Marshall. The Naval force regular patrols the sky and sends out Incursion forces to hunt down Raiders and Pirates. Their navy accompanies trade caravan airships to other cities. Relative safety returns.

Status: Active (2/day post)
Designing Setting: Akatosh - Desert world
Rakham Boylan the third the "Bloody Bard" is incoming aboard the Jolly Jinn with her scurvy crew! The silly songs harmonized by her crew are written by the captain and are said to contain clues to the location of the buried loot these singing pirates have plundered. Silly the songs may be, the refrains of "whats that you said? Id be obliged to take yer head!" and "liver chewin, gut stompin, ale swillin, bonnie faced, cloud chasin, freedom lovin man" are too true to take lightly. Rakham and his crew sail for fun, song, and profit.

So you called Rakham a him and a her. Which is it? LOl

Not that it matters too much. I'm just curious.

For the combat testing, it'll close when I have four new pilots. Then I'll advertise for a proper game. Just want to make sure airship combat works.

Mad, those questions have been transferred to FAQ


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