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Well, with Daredevil being cancelled (after a fantastic season, IMO at least), that pretty much ends things. It seems impossible to believe JJ or Punisher will continue after their upcoming seasons.

I can't even believe Punisher got a second season to begin with.

So... Has anyone gotten into the new season of Punisher yet? I'll probably give the first episode a go tonight. From the previews looks like we're in for more of the same over the top violence and slug-fest.

Not even gonna bother. I found the first season so-so, and I've got plenty of so-so TV that involves characters I actually give a damn about.

The punisher was not really that good. The biggest problem is that, as entertainment, it's just SOOOO BORRRING and doesn't really deliver on good characters or story. It feels cookie cutter and rushed, like the entire thing was meant as a montage or trailer to expediently push a really shitty backstory to the character, with no real heart or care behind it. The second problem is the scatterbrain plot that doesn't really link up with other events in the story or deliver in the finale, the rather poor and boring action despite it being, you know, the punisher, and the over-the-top gore which doesn't contribute at all to the story and just makes it hard to watch. Giving a horror movie director reigns over the punisher invariably was going to produce these problems; you also spend like 70% of the show focusing on random characters who will never come back, be it micro, some random detective guy, literally a random chick he meets at a bar and so on. He just spends the whole story angry all the time, which is nothing like the original daredevil, and it feels like it just lost the overall feel. He also sounds like he's choking on marbles all the time when he speaks, which is more or less cringey.

Various complaints I have is that he rarely wears body armor, he basically uses his bare hands or no weapons at all most of the time, and the action is kind of boring and feels intuitively wrong. Three times he sneaks up on a guy, right in front of them, with a knife, while the other guy has a gun and is staring at him. I liked the idea of him preferring knives or hand-to-hand combat, especially as a marine, to make the show less boring, and you could show him wearing like body armor so when he gets shot he can still use the knife, but instead nope he just, does the whole full frontal assault of people, who are staring right at him, with a knife. [1][2][3] There is actually a scene where he has a machine gun, and he's shooting at the guy, and then rather than using it, he throws it on the ground, slowly walks up to the guy with a knife, stabs him, and the guy he stabs just sits there and does nothing. These are supposed to be trained soldiers and yet they have the reaction time of a 70 year old grandpa on morphine. It reminds of the ISIS training video where they show a guy, crawling up to someone in plaint sight, and miraculously defeating the gun wielding guard with his bare hands and a knife. You can't sneak up on someone... who is right in front of you. They don't think to run away or fight back they just stand right in a row to be killed, and that's before getting in to the hanging scene and a bunch of other weird stuff. In fact in the same basement fight scene, he stabs a guy who is staring right at him... twice! In the same scene! Is everyone just blind in the punisher universe?

I feel like they probably filmed it that way so they could say it wasn't a story about a mass shooter, to show he doesn't just kill people with guns, but the execution was rather poor. The story is basically just a rehash of the first season's central plot, of him being out of action for a long time and being all dark and brooding in a cringey way, and then he gets back in to the swing of things as the actual punisher for all of like 5 minutes which is boring anyways. It seems to be the story to try and restart the hero, like with the daredevil, where they start off with no suit and armor again and no equipment and from ground zero like in daredevil season three, or in the defenders, or really any of the newer marvel TV shows, when what we want to see is character progression. We want to see the punisher in all his glory, not starting off with no weapons and having to steal them as he goes, we want to see him with a minigun like at the end of the original story, not literally throwing it all away in the trash and starting from scratch 5000 times.

It was also hilarious to me in the first season how they basically end the punisher and restart him in like the first episode. We don't see more than a hastly put together montage and then it's like, he's literally eating a sandwich for 10 minutes and working at a construction sight. Because that's what's I find interesting about the punisher. Also, why would they have him tearing down a wall with a sledge hammer, that is the most useless job I've ever seen. Characters who are given way too much screen time basically disappear and you never see again, for basically no reason, like a random chick in a bar who never comes back, or micro, or the kid and so on. There doesn't seem to be a coherent plot and everything is completely random. The writing seems to be good, and that's about it. It has good ideas that are executed so poorly it makes you cringe. Somehow yet again they've managed to snap defeat from the jaws of victory.

He basically just shoots everyone 1 by 1 as they stand up and line up in a row for him to kill him. No interesting strategies or tactics, no ploy to draw out targets, no desperate situation he barely manages to find a way out of, he just... well, basically stands there and shoots. In the first season, he actually stabs people, while standing in front of them, multiple times. Apparently the director thinks that if he goes offscreen he disappears, when in reality it just feels intuitively wrong. It's just... well weird, cringey, and drags on way too long about pointless crap. It's 90% filler and the little bit of action and story is bad. Everyone just gets lucky and happens to bump in to each other. He seems to have no moral qualms about killing his own fellow veterans, which would be an interesting story for the punisher as he would have to find a way not to kill people and find himself losing battles barbecue of it, having to rethink his full frontal assault approach but... nope, instead we got multiple torture scenes of airborne soldiers because... reasons? The whole veteran gang thing is kind of interesting, except that it literally goes nowhere and they aren't like wearing body armor and using assault rifles they have cheesey masks and hoodies and look like slightly more sophisticated hoodlums. There's no flashbangs, smoke grenades, explosives, or really anything besides his bare hands and guns which, I mean even in daredevil he had smoke grenades and tear gas and grenade launchers and whatnot. What I would have liked to have scene is basically all the daredevil punisher fight scenes... but for like an entire show. What I got was discount homeland with watered down punisher and a bunch of other weird sexual torture shit mixed in to the mix. The more I think about it the more weird shit there was in the show. In season 2 at least there's only one weird scene where you see Frank castle's butt you can skip through, but still like why do this? The more I think about it, the more wrong there is with it, and this is all without revealing any of the main story which is just as bad and boring. The main heroin just basically accidentally bumps in to all the bad guys of the show by accident but she is hailed as a good cop when in reality, she just gets lucky a lot.

I...disagree. Almost completely. I think The Punisher season 1 was excellent and, so far, season 2 is a pretty darned good.

I enjoyed S1 of The Punisher, I like The Punisher S2 and there are is a different relationship with Amy that I enjoy, nevertheless I don't like Dr. Dumont I think it was, just her "Oh, it's ok, Billy you have so much good despite literally beating the shit out of everyone you see and committing so many crimes" Yeah, no, no surprise therapy gets battered down so much.

I watched most of the Punisher, Season 2 while in a fevered haze, so take all of this with a grain of salt.

I liked Punisher S2, probably more than S1. S2 was just more fun. I mean, it is what it is, and it's not really my thing, but it was pretty fun. I especially liked the relationship between Frank and the girl. I didn't much care for any of the villains though, and most of the time when Billy was talking to his shrink, I just fast-forwarded on past.

Punisher is probably my least favorite of the Marvel Netflix series, but if you want a fun, revenge fantasy, shoot-em-up series, it's better than most. It is certainly better than the "action" series on the major networks.

The guy literally throws his machine gun on the ground and slowly walks up to a person and stabs them, and he slowly "sneaks up" on people right in front of him, and stabs them, like three times. xP He recovers nearly instantly from bullet wounds, like he's wolverine or something with delayed healing powers, but he could just wear armor removing that entire plot point from the show.

The action is so bad it's amazing it got past the directors at all. Did the choreographer just give up or like, how did it work? The original fight scenes in daredevil were amazing, but this was just... well awful. Given how many great war movies there are, action movies etc. it's kind of bizarre they could even get little things right. The whole thing felt off. There's a small amount of poorly choreographed action, and it's just not very good. I think the actors were good, the ideas were good, but the execution was insanely poor. There are scenes of people like pouring coffee and opening doors that last like 15 seconds. It has so much filler it's not even funny. And the subplot of the cop was pretty bad. She coincidentally finds out he's still alive due to him coincidentally going after the same mission she did, then she for some reason decides not to tell anyone, and then later somehow randomly bumps in to him, again, due to the mass murder guy, even though she was actually chasing billy and not the terrorist or the punisher. She just coincidentally shows up to random events where the punisher is multiple times, she doesn't do detective work or hunt people down or anything, and gets lucky. Like she never actually finds the punisher due to skill it's dumb luck every time. This is just, bad story writing, and the plot lacks coherency. It feels more like the pink panther than a coherent plot. Then there's the whole fighting multiple evil organizations at once with plots that go nowhere that somehow are intertwined and... well it just felt the storywriters had a lot of ideas and no idea how to connect them. Still better than the new starwars movies though.

What do you think of Sex Education? I saw it last night and was really dissapointed, I felt it had bland characters, pretty stereotypical, same as the plot with the only difference being on sex, and worse, most of what I felt it discussed and did was, partially, wholly wrong.

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