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Wrath & Glory: Premade Missions Warhammer 40k

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Wrath & Glory: Premade Missions Warhammer 40k

Wrath & Glory: Premade Missions - Forum

Hello everyone!

I've just go all of the Wrath & Glory books and the two premade adventures. Looking for a group of people that might want to run through these. Let me know here if you are interested. We will be running the pre-mades first so everyone gets used to the storylines and different characters and play-styles. I will be using any pre-generated characters in the initial games. If at the end we find a group that wants to continue on then we can create characters and continue with our own game. The series of premade games is designed to let players experience all tier's of play and I think it would be the best approach to do this before investing in our own characters and game.

Example of roleplay.

Game Description:

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to post up this game to see if there was any interest in Wrath & Glory. Please let me know. I have the core rules and both Dark Tides and Blessings Unheralded. I'll edit this with more information later.

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I am interested in this!

Seems like there will be enough interest. I'll work on getting everything I can ported into Myth-Weavers over the next week and the the applications section open this weekend. With the goal in mind of starting games as soon as I get the required group sizes. I think they are four but I will know more when I read through missions this weekend.

Edit: I am willing to run more than one group if the interest is there.


Still working on porting all the stuff into Myth Weavers. I'll have applications up sometime this week and will be looking to start after Thanksgiving (US).

Applications will run until the Sunday after Thanksgiving, 11/25/2018.

I'd be interested in giving this a go. Is it a problem that I was involved in the playtesting of Blessings Unheralded and did some of the writing for Dark Tides?

I'm not particularly a fan of Tier 1 W&G, but I want to give the rules a run-through.

@shanecottom - Unfortunately, the hard copies of the Wrath & Glory rules haven't been released yet. Should be any time now though! For the moment, all that are available would be the PDF versions which can be found at DriveThurRPG.


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