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Replacement Player needed.

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Replacement Player needed.

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I am looking for sombody to take over a Player Character (Fighter) in my D&D RC game "Horror on the Hill" the party has just gotten to the hill and spent their first night upon it. so it still early in the game

Game Description:

Guido’s Fort lies at the end of the traders’ road. Perched along the banks of the mighty River Shrill, this isolated frontier settlement is the last stop on the northern caravan route. The river is all that separates the Fort from the shadowy Island known only as “The Hill,” a land of nameless terrors and ancient legend that rests in the middle of this mile wide river.

The fog-shrouded crests and densely wooded slopes of The Hill rise 400 feet, looming ominously over the tiny settlement. On clear days, The Hill’s rocky cliffs can be seen jutting from its bulky mass, but the view is usually obscured by gouts of steam that seem to rise from outlets on The Hill itself. This mysterious mountain has long been rumored to shelter bands of vicious monsters. Only the awesome waters of the Shrill have prevented the monsters from invading the under-garrisoned fort. Several groups of brave and hardy adventurers have crossed the river to explore The Hill’s summits and face the Unknown, but none of these bands was ever heard from again.

You have your own reasons for making the journey so far north on the fringes of human and demi-human lands, Guido’s Fort is just around the bend, will you try to discover the secrets hidden on “The Hill” or will you settle for something less dangerous like guard duty or blacksmithing? Only you can decide on which course to take Lead on Adventurer your Quest awaits.

This is a generic world called Asthma fill free to create city names and locations in your background as you see fit. just know that the fort is on the fringes of settled lands.

I will be using the Dungeons and Dragons Rules Cyclopedia Ruleset with some of my own House rules thrown in.

Character creation will be made using 4d6 take best 3 reroll 1’s in order Str, Int, Wis, Dex, Con, Cha.
Use this code to roll your stats.


I am looking for 5 3rd level characters each PC will begin play with 100 GP.
And max HP for all three levels.

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."
- H.P. Lovecraft-

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Still looking for sombody to take over a PC. fighter.

Ah man I wish I had time for another game right now!

Excior, I might be interested. I need a day or so to read up and look at the group interaction.

Originally Posted by thesloth View Post
Excior, I might be interested. I need a day or so to read up and look at the group interaction.
let me know and thanks for looking.

So far I like what I see. The fighter seemed like the strong silent type. I would be a bit more talkative.

I see some familiar faces in your group. I'm interested in joining if your group is ok with it.

Originally Posted by Curioys View Post
Yes, I'm interested as well. How would you like us to apply?
Im sorry I took the first person who showed interest. If I have a player fall out I will contact you.

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