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AL/Non-AL Blended 5E Game

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AL/Non-AL Blended 5E Game

Dungeon of the Mad Mage - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Welcome adventurers! I, Popestar, your humble host, invite you inside to take a gander at my latest attempt to run a game here on the weave. And my next attempt, that I hope to run to completion is Dungeon of the Mad Mage!

I'll keep this short, as I'm sure you all want to run off and check out the character creation rules (right here) and get character threads up (right here). To be frank and to the point, I'm looking for a group of 5(ish) players who want to take a crack at the 5E version of Undermountain. Starting at 5th level, and winding through the dungeon, vanquishing foes and finding the lost and pocketing all kinds of coin and magic.

I'll state that this is a blend of AL and non-AL rules. There are things about AL that I like, and things about AL that I don't. This game is an attempt to blend those rules and get down to why we all game in the first place: to have fun!

I'll leave it at that for now. Apps are open until either 12/21 OR I get 15 completed apps. To be fair, I've already got 1 seat guaranteed to someone, so I'm only taking 4 more at this point.

What are you waiting for? Get to creating those characters! Chop, chop!

Game Description:

More than one thousand years ago, the wizard Halaster Blackcloak journeyed from a distant land to the base of Mount Waterdeep, perhaps acceding to the whispered summons of providence. Some believe he hailed from the nearly forgotten empire known as the Cradlelands. In ages past, humanity spread from the Cradlelands across Faerun, originating from what is now the Plains of Purple Dust, a wasteland birthed out of a conflict with the gods. Others give Halaster less ancient origins, placing him among the early wizards of Netheril, or asserting that he came from a southern nation long since buried by sand and time. Whatever his origin, scholars have recorded that Halaster brought with him seven apprentices to Mount Waterdeep.

With the Seven guarding his back, Halaster tapped into his immense power to summon beings from other planes of existence to help him build a wizard's tower to dwarf all other wizard's towers. But as the seasons wore on, the Seven saw less and less of their enigmatic master. Halaster continued to use fell creatures from distant planes for tunneling and other construction beneath his tower, and the wizard kept the nature of most of his underground dealings a secret from the Seven. Eventually, Halaster's exploration broke into the Underhalls, a complex of tunnels and rooms built by the dwarves around a mithral mine beneath Mount Waterdeep. The architects of the Underhalls, the Melairkyn clan, had long ago been
killed or dispersed, and warring duergar and drow had settled in the ruins. Halaster began a crusade against both the drow and the duergar, participating in wild hunts with extraplanar allies through the tunnels. The stubborn duergar dug in until the mithral was largely mined out; then they abandoned the Underhalls, leaving the drow to fight Halaster and his minions alone. The Mad Mage rounded up the remaining dark elves, trapping some of their souls for use in his dark magic, while twisting the bodies and enslaving the minds of others. Once he had wrung the drow of their usefulness, Halaster Blackcloak tunneled on, ever downward, indulging his inexplicable compulsion for delving deeper and deeper into the mountain.

Using his underground complex as a base of operations, Halaster traveled to other planes and distant lands, collecting strange and dangerous creatures to live as prisoners, servants, or guardians in Undermountain. Populating and defending the dungeon became an obsession. Over time, the mage's preoccupation with Undermountain electrified his eccentricities and infused him with an air of unconcealable madness.

Halaster's apprentices came and went. Some left only to return- inexplicably drawn down into Undermountain's depths. Others remained by his side. As they began dedicating more attention to their private obsessions, madness settled into their souls as well.

During the years Halaster quested on other planes and sequestered himself in his tunnels, his magnificent tower and its surrounding walls fell into ruin. In time, the city now known as Waterdeep developed in the shadow of Mount Waterdeep and spread down to the harbor. As the city sprawled outward over the years, it came to surround the ruins of Halaster's home. Undermountain was known to those early settlers, and they often sent criminals into its endless depths as punishment. So it was for many years, until an intrepid adventurer named Durnan delved into the labyrinth beneath the tower and returned alive, laden with riches and countless harrowing tales. Durnan used his new fortune to demolish the remnants of Halaster's tower and built an inn over the well he had used to descend into Undermountain, and call it the Yawning Portal. Durnan owns and operates the inn and tavern to this day, serving patrons and inviting the brave and foolish alike to test their mettle in the Dungeon of the Mad Mage.

Wizard's DCI: 5318764725
Originally Posted by experiment2 View Post
One other question, would it be ok if I submitted the character through dndbeyond? I'm new to mythweavers and dndbeyond is easier for me to use.
I dislike DNDBeyond. But I will admit their character sheets are nice. So yeah, you can submit that way.

Great, thanks! I have mine on there as well. If we join a campaign on DDB then we can see all the character information.

Originally Posted by Mighty Ogre View Post
Great, thanks! I have mine on there as well. If we join a campaign on DDB then we can see all the character information.
I wont use dndb for any reason as I dislike having to pay for stuff I already own.

I bought the DM’s subscription, so if we make a campaign, everyone can share the books I bought for free.

So in 4 days we've gotten 14 completed applications, with 3 still in some form of being worked on. I'm going to now end the application process.


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