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Discover The New World

Conquering the New World - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Adventure awaits in this new land, but with it comes grave danger

Setting: 5e D&D
Themes:Sandboxy, Exploration, Combat, Grimdark, Empire Building
Starting Level: 5
Final Date of Accepted Application Entries:January 3rd, 2019

About Me
Hi there, names LordofNature, LoN for short, and I will be your DM for this game. I've been DMing for going on 15 years now, played a bunch of 3.5e, 4e and 5e. I'm new to the site but been taking my time learning its in's and out's. I write a lot in my free time and love to create worlds. I'm currently running only a single tabletop game and find myself with a fair amount of extra free time so thought I'd try and put something together here. I've loved D&D since discovering an old AD&D Monster Manual in my Dad's box of random books and loved playing games like Baldur's Gate (PC version) and Neverwinter Nights (1 & 2 the MMO is okay) as well as Dragon Age.

About The Game
So the game will be a fairly combat-heavy game, with lot's of exploration and role-play to be had on the side. There will be some fairly homebrew elements of "building" though that will be done for the most part for you. I'm hoping to run this for some time, and at first, I'll be taking only a few players along for the ride. However depending on how much free time I find I have and how the game goes, I may recruit another team. The New World is considered to be massive and may take a long time to fully explore.

What I Expect From You
So I would like people who are mature and okay with going up to that PG rating limit. It is fairly Grimdark as I said, so it's not going to be all sunshine and rainbows. I want players who are okay with their characters potentially meeting an unfortunate end, and also people who are patient. Life happens, and sometimes we may find ourselves unable to get on for a period of time. That being said, I would like a minimum of 3 posts a week from everyone, and at least 1 more on the weekend. If this cannot be accomplished in a particular week, just shoot me a PM or make a post of extended absence so I know you didn't just disappear all of a sudden. The Holiday Season is upon us, so I know people may be busy, which is why I am setting the expiration date for this to be just after New Years, which gives people a month to apply and build their characters.

What To Expect From Me
With that being said, I too promise to meet that posting limit and will also promise to state if I must disappear for an extended period of time. I work full time at a job that has very weird hours (I may work 1500-2300 one night and then 1000-1800 the next day) and I also sometimes have to work weekends, so my posting will not be always every Monday at 1500.
As I said in my above post, I'm fairly casual and am not one to harp on every little deviance of the rules. If you want to try something, let me know and I'll either say impossible or ask you to make a check or something similar.

So I think that's it from me. Applications can go here, info on the process is here, while any questions about the process can be directed here. Good luck to you all

Game Description:

Captains Log

Year 50 of the Second Age, The Age of Dying

Our people are desperate. We are dying. Not just the Humans, but members of The Mountain Races and The Forest Clans as well. We have set sail in the hopes to find a land unpopulated by civilized races, in the hopes that we can repopulate there and survive. Five hundred life ships set out, heading west, north, and south of the Continent of Vreleazone. That was nearly thirty years ago. The sea seemed to stretch on forever, none of the ships finding land, let alone making it back to the Continent we had just left. But we had kept trying, kept searching and searching, in a desperate hope we would find something. If nothing else, for the reason being that the land we had left was no longer hospitable by now. Five hundred ships, each roughly the size of a city, set out. Several were lost in the first week, the magic holding them together breaking down and causing thousands of lives to be lost to the sea. Several more lost contact with us, and we suspected it was due to the creatures of the sea. Last I heard, we were the only ones left. We had been keeping in touch with the others through the magic of the Comm-spheres, but in the last month, we had lost contact with all the others. Then came the massive storm. It blew us off track and had claimed the lives of at least fifty citizens and a dozen of the guard that was assigned to us. Next thing we knew we seemed to be somewhere else entirely. I was fairly certain we were no longer on our beloved homeworld of Eayesh. No, the air tasted differently here. Our magic seemed stronger too, and we required less energy to power the ship. But that was not all. We had found it. Finally, we had found signs of land. First, it was nothing more than a couple of small islands, but soon, soon we saw something that could potentially be an entire continent. Large Statues dotted the coastline of where we were coming in at, Statues of massive humanoids dressed in regal attire. But we care not. We no longer have to be aboard this accursed vessel. We can finally set foot on land, and with the remaining adventurer's help, we can establish a foothold, a new country!

Captain Mak-du Boldrehk Signing off for the last time.

After near thirty years of being stuck aboard a massive life-ship, you have finally found land. But this land seems to be in a new world, and dangers await around every corner. As one of five adventurer's who are sent ashore first, it is your job to discover a safe location for your people to rebuild, and clear out anything you must. But what dangers await here...and is this land as unoccupied as it seems?

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Ooooh this does look interesting, I will need to take a look at the non WotC sources you listed.

Would you allow homebrew races or classes found on DnD Wiki, provided you can look them over for approval first?

To clarify, this game will be more explore and see what there is to see, foraging and scrounging on the way, as opposed to establishing a colony and the logistics thereof, right?

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