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The Last Hope of the Guardians (Mid-level gestalt world-hopping!)

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The Last Hope of the Guardians (Mid-level gestalt world-hopping!)

Guardians of the Multiverse - Forum

Hello everybody, and welcome to a setting I've been working on for a while, and never quite managed to get around to actually running. A super broad summary of the setting is basically 'Kingdom Hearts meets Star Wars.'

While this game was not specifically inspired by the High Action/High Fantasy request in the game planning forum, to some extent I was motivated to actually finish work on the forum by seeing it. As such, the game will be reasonably combat-focused - though the setup I'm envisaging will allow for time to roleplay outside of combat, or even have some stealth/investigation/social components, if the selected party are interested in such a thing.

That said, though the game is combat-focused, that does not mean that I am going to select players based on how many high numbers they can throw at enemies and play what amounts to a wargame. I am far more interested in compelling characters with distinctive fighting styles and abilities, and in players who can write combat posts that consist of more than 'Bob walks over and tries to hit the orc.'

Similarly, because I am aware that this is the sorts of thing that annoy some people - especially in a game that promises a high proportion of combat - I want to make the following disclaimer: Some (though not all) fights will contain more than just enemies, and will have environmental hazards or other unusual conditions/requirements; you might not, for instance, merely be having to fight a horde of demons, but rather you might have to protect a city of innocent civilians from the aforementioned horde, and pick your targets appropriately. Some of these environmental hazards may, in-universe, be living creatures, and you should no more expect to be able - or to be expected - to kill them than you should expect to be able to stop a volcano erupting.

Still here? Good.

The full character creation rules are here - in short, characters will be 11th level gestalts, with most 3pp material allowed. I strongly encourage refluffing of abilities or items to make them fit your concept.

At present, I am thinking of leaving the ad open for two weeks, with a short time after that to allow people to get their characters fully polished before I make my selection. I am currently planning to take 4 players, though I am also super bad at actually taking the number of players I intend to, so that number might in reality be anything from 2 to 6.

Game Description:

The world as most people know it is the tip of the iceberg.

In truth, there are hundreds if not thousands of worlds. In some of them, civilised life stretches out into the stars. In others, it barely leaves a single continent.

Sometimes, whatever mysterious force keeps the worlds apart...frays. Tears in space and time appear, joining two different worlds. Occasionally, inhabitants of one world stumble through into the other.

On a global scale, while undoubtedly life-changing for the unfortunate soul to travel between the worlds in such a manner, this has a generally minor effect. However, sometimes these Tears are more dangerous. Sometimes they happen to snatch up one fated to have a great impact on their world's timeline. Other times, they connect not to another world at all, but to a place of endless torment from which Demons crawl to threaten the inhabitants of the world.

It is to combat this threat that warriors - Guardians - are chosen, carefully selected from all the worlds, bestowed with a special weapon made of the fabric of the multiverse itself and tasked to travel between the worlds, sealing Tears and preventing Demonic influence from affecting their proper timeline.

You are one such Guardian, still a novice, soon to face the last trial before being recognised as a full member of the Guardians. But the Guardians are facing a Darkness the likes of which they have never seen before.

And perhaps a small group of novices will be all that stand between the multiverse and destruction.

Are you ready?

"If a player goes out of their way to break the game, it isn't the game's fault."
I'm super interested! This reminds me of how I left off my first campaign I created myself (with some help from a few random paizo one shots). Where all of the planes were crashing together and the last the PCs saw were all the places es morphing before everybody got ripped apart by the planar energies. (They did save the day though XD)

On that note I will start coming up with a character concept I see worthy of being such a 'Walker'

Are apps still open for this game? and if so when is the closing date?

Originally Posted by Lancerdragon View Post
Are apps still open for this game? and if so when is the closing date?
The GM just announced that the 28th is the cut off for new apps, and the 1st will be the deadline. You've got time.

How the hell did I miss this. How much time do I have? Are you closing it tomorrow?

Edit: Just saw the latest post. Working on an app asap

Damn...a day late and a dollar short. Maybe next time or if a player bails I can hop in


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