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Free character images

With 18 people on your list, and a personal friend of mine being a Starving Artist in Michigan, I dunno how good I'd feel about submitting a request for more free art.

But your first image for Mordae is absolutely awesome, and it's worth the ten minutes perusing this thread just to say so.

Originally Posted by Centaure View Post
I love your drawing of Allanath! Can't wait to see my character!!
Same here, OP seems to be quite a talented artist

Well, I'm finally done with midterms, so things should continue now. Thank you everyone for the kind words. =D

Mordae: Thank you for letting me draw him =] I learned a lot.

Stam: Don't ask for my permission to request >< Just request it. I appreciate your consideration, though. =]

Kaeso: Here's the sketch of the ever-so-delayed Guisarme-man. I know you didn't want any religious symbols, but while searching for a cool handguard I found one that was kind of in the shape of an angel, and I thought it was paladin-esque. If you want me to take it off, I will.

If there's anything else you feel is off, let me know. =]

Those sketches are all really good, Tyoka, and I love your painting style! Can't wait to see more...

awesome work Tyoka.

Woah, it looks pretty cool.
I really love what you did with the helmet and the armor, and it's just great that you were able to draw him with all of his equipment, even including a pouch for his crossbow bolts. The pose is just awesome too, I actually think it's even better than what I originally had in mind.
I don't really mind the handguard in the shape of an angel, angels are generic enough to fit in with any setting and any good aligned god, so it's cool.

Perhaps it's because you haven't coloured it yet, but for some reason I feel there's something off about the boots. I don't really know what it is, I can't put my finger on it.

Nevertheless it looks really awesome, you did a really good job

:O Awesome sketch there, Tyoka! Love the armour details.

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