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Free character images

Originally Posted by rob98926 View Post
how goes the drawings?
Finals are killing me D= I'm not dropping this though.

Originally Posted by Tyoka View Post
Finals are killing me D= I'm not dropping this though.
Good luck on your exams. We'll be here when you get back.

If its still possible I would love to see my current char come to life.

Race: Human
Sex: Female
Height/weight: 6'6/136pounds
Age: 23
Class/Type/Profession/what-it-do: Cleric of strength and luck/Fighter/Soon to be fortunes friend and fate spinner.
Hair style/color: straight down to above butt very sleek, Bright red, not ginger red but more blood red.
Eye color: Light brown, big very pretty.

What helps: I don't mind guessing these things, but I'd prefer you provide them.
Name: Lucky Dragos.
Attitude: Very self sufficient, strong and opinionated.
History: Raised in a home that strongly believed in Kord, She followed into her fathers footsteps after her father passed away.
Specific Equipment: Half plate, steel shield with Kords symbol on her upper arm (held by a leather armband), great sword.
Setting: faerun
Pose: Preferably slicing a human pirates head off with her great sword.
Reference images-
Hair color and eye color/face:
Removed. Dynamic image links are not supported and were messing up the page display. - SB

@LadyTyrant: I like your character. The images came through fine.

@Kaeso: lol I made a thing. It may not be a painting, but I thought you'd like to see it.

Stupid gouache flakes off, but I didn't have any white acrylic.

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