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What specific system did you start with?

Originally Posted by Jessiah View Post
I'm probably a bit of an odd ball in this, but first actual game ever was Mage: The Ascension. Not sure what version, but this was back in 2001, so maybe Revised?
My first introduction to RPGs was when I bought my sisters a copy of World of Darkness: Ghost Stories. We weren't really sure how to play and ended up getting the WoD core book as a PDF and played a game. That was . . . not that long ago, actually.

Good times.

I was introduced to D&D early, courtesy of my mother. She'd gone back to college for her Masters, and they had a program call the "Free University." This was basically an array of activities that were free or cost of materials, taught by whomever volunteered, utilizing classrooms and other campus spaces on weekends. She'd gone for some class, happened by the room where there was a group playing D&D, and thought it looked like something I'd enjoy. So the next weekend, we both went and joined in.

This was back in '76, I think. We'd roll up 4-5 characters each, and if we were lucky, at least one would survive to stagger out of the dungeon and hobble back to the town with some coin to spend on better gear. I'm not sure anyone ever survived past 3rd level, and we never got beyond the second level of the dungeon, because we rarely survived going that far down.

Mother dropped out after a month or so, off to other pursuits, but I stayed with it until I moved again. At some point thereafter I got one of the boxed sets for a birthday present (red box, I think; somewhere, some of those awful dice are still around!). Didn't play with it long, as I got the AD&D PHB at some point after that. I know that's what I was playing most of high school (although not at school). I was always the kid in the group until almost the time that 2e came out.

I always have issues answering that. Do gamebooks count? What if some of those gamebooks includea a map with locations and a better dice system than some RPGs?
What if you mixed them, had conversion notes between them, and basically had your own dungeons made with monsters from them? Because I did that.
And then we come to first properly RPG-focused system. I played Fallout 1&2 before seeing anything else. Does SPECIAL count as my first system, given that I knew how the dice in it worked? Does AD&D2e count, given that I would have given up on RPGs had I stayed in that group past the second session? Or should I name the system that actually got me to play and explore (Axiom16 and GURPS, pretty much alternatiing them)?

It's a tough, tough question!

My first ever tabletop RPG I played was Call of Cthulhu (probably 6th or 7th edition), followed by DnD 3.5, d20 Star Wars, V:tM. All of those are in a blur which happened first after CoC.

Basic D&D. My first character was a Hobbit. Not sure which version of Basic that would've been.

With my own group of players it was 2e for nearly a decade and then when 3e came out we switched to that. I still run 3.5 to this day. Back in HS we experimented with a host of other RPGs that were on the market, but always came back to AD&D.

Originally Posted by dj2145 View Post

Seriously, never? That's amazing.
I think it was one of those things where I wasn't very comfortable with the idea of gaming with people outside my group of high school friends. Then college and real life rolls around, people are dispersed but we still managed to get a game in over internet every six months to a year. D&D was just never the system we ended up with. The game would usually die after a few months, rinse, repeat. I only really started pursuing games outside my group a few years ago when life slowed down a bit. Then, like here on MW, I tended to stick with systems I was already familiar with when looking for games.

I don't know if it counts, but my first exposure to RPGs was from the Lone Wolf gamebooks a long time ago... but I guess Pathfinder was my first 'proper' system. Though the infinity engine RPGs came way before that (it took a while to find a group, you see!)

Started off with Rolemaster -- my mom and stepdad ran a group at our house for years -- but I was mostly an observer while they played (yay being 6yo then haha). I got the AD&D 2e set that I ran with my brother for a while, as well as some smattering of RuneQuest, but Rolemaster was always our main. Some V:tM, d20 Star Wars, and Classic Traveller made appearances over the years, and then outside the family and when I started doing most of my gaming (online purely at that point, sadly), it was 3.5 D&D.

So for me, it's kinda two I consider my first: AD&D was my technically first system I played, but Rolemaster will always be the spiritual first. And then 3.5 off to the side as the one I really developed on and spread to many, many other systems to afterwards.


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