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What do people think the viability of a groundhog day / happy death day type campaign would be? Keep repeating the same day over, trying to figute out how to break time loop. Learning new skills and powers with each reboot... would pathfindet even be a viable system for this?

I see no reason why you couldn't slowly 'level up' in Pathfinder during a time loop.

I think the crucial thing would be figuring out how much condensing you want to do during the repeats. Are you going to allow the party to 'fast-forward' to particular points in the time loop when they want to do something different? If they do X and they get into fight Y **again**... do they get to skip that?

I think the fundamental thing you're going to have to navigate around is player fatigue due to repetition. Figure that out, and its totally viable.

Hmmm... Like maybe break it down into a few hour long segments? Waking up till 10am. 10am til 12:30. 12:30-4pm... etc and so forth. so certain "events are scheduled to happen during those hours?

I know it would certainly restrict certain builds. spelbooks couldnt be updated. could grab new gear etc unless you knew where it was in town. Kinda gives innate classes a major leg up over others.

Maybe give a classless RPG a try. I suppose Savage Worlds or Dungeon World might work, allows for real diversity/flexibility in advancing a character (as opposed to the PF/D&D classes, which are mostly pigeon-holed into specific roles and builds). You can just let characters "advance" at the end of each "reboot", and then it's up to them how to implement that advancement - they might increase existing stats, gain new abilities, etc.

I’d suggest that BRP (RQ, CoC, etc.) or some similar system in which you only advance in the particular skills that the character actually uses in play, as distinct from systems in which you get points to spend freely, or set advancement paths (like class systems). This strikes me as a story in which you would want characters to have to dive in and learn from experiences, possibly developing in unexpected ways, and if the player wants to control how their character develops, they would have to have their character seek out those things.

BRP strikes me as very suitable, because its specific mechanic is that when you succeed in a skill, you check it and have a roll to see if you improve it later. That thematically reinforces the idea of trying different things and failing until the breakthrough moment when you figure out the way succeed that’s key to these kinds of stories.

It might be a hard game to write and GM without it becoming frustrating for the players, though. You’d need to have players who would buy into a concept in which the point was that real agency has to be a hard-won achievement that constituted the end of the story.

I'd be up for giving something like this a try, even with the repetition. On those few occasions where I been in a party where someone died or the whole party wiped, I've wondered whether we could have done better, maybe just got unlucky. You'd also be able to take things in totally different directions - if you know that a fight is coming up, why have it at all? That should keep it interesting.

The idea is a bit "save-and-reload" like and so has some obvious similarities with videogames (if you've read The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, that seems to borrow from the genre too - and would be great in PbP form I think, though it might be tricky to make the plot work).

The system shouldn't matter very much, and indeed I don't see anything wrong with 3.5 or PF or the like, keeping the XP each time but not everything else. It would make consumables a bit more interesting! The only issue I see is stuff like Wizards who gain spells when levelling up - that doesn't make a lot of sense.

So something like the plot of Skeleton Soldier Manga? Though, there it was less groundhog day and more 'on death, reset, but keep levelups'

I'd be up for it. It's something different.

But people need to have the right attitude. It's not all clever puzzle solving. There's going to be frustration, boredom, and despair. And likely suicide. It would help if there were rules for handling such things.

Very true. very true. One of my concerns is "resetting" everyone at once? What happens when players one and two die, but 3, 4, and 5 are still going strong? If one goes down to they all reset? take away the agency of people deciding if they want to try and save there friends by resetting?

Would a re: zero type situation be better? with "save points" as you progress thru story?


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