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Savage Worlds - Solo/Duo Game Exchange

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Savage Worlds

I am looking for 1-2 partners for a Solo/Duo Campaign Exchange. Without being very genre specific, I am looking at the Savage Worlds Rules first because it can be adapted to practically anything and the rules are less involved that the more complicated d20 systems that I typically play. But I am open to other rule sets if the campaign idea is attractive enough.

As GM, I would prefer to run something I know:
Modern world; counter-terrorism or James Bond style
SciFi space opera style (includes Star Wars)
Shadowrun/CyberPunk genre

As a player: I am open to almost anything if the scenario sounds exciting, but tend to like similar settings/genres as listed above.

Posting Frequency: I am looking for partners that can post 3-5 times per week, but no more than once per day IC.

Applications: Posting interest here for starters. After that, share what sort of game interests you as a player and GM. Then tell me a little about yourself.

Selections: I will likely select the first 1-2 players that I can come to agreement with on being compatible.

Game Description:

Solo Trade adventures

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