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SCP Foundation: Field agents required.

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SCP Foundation: Field agents required.

SCP Foundation - Forum
World of Darkness

Application room, 07:00 pm You enter the dim lit room, the already weak lights flicker sometimes giving you a eerie feeling. You sit down in one of the chairs and realize after a few minutes that no one else seems to be coming to this interview, the only company you seem to have is that big symbol on the wall in front of you.

A few things about this game and the gm:
1) Players will play as field agents for the foundation, field agents are the guys who investigate and do the first studies and observations of potential SCP's.
2) This is a game focused mainly on interpretation and investigation, so expect direct confrontation to be at a minimum (altough nothing stops you from being a phisical type expert character, that can be of imense help, but don't expect to be hitting 682 and not losing a hand)
3) I'm looking for 2 or 3 more players.
4) This is my first public game here in myth-weavers, and first one to be narrated in english, but i do gm and play for 7 years or more irl.
5) Any questions, ask away
6) Game will be played in New World of Darkness.
█) Applications go here

Game Description:

"Hey, everyone. I'm Agent Bibs. If you really have a hard-on for being formal, call me Mister Bibs. I don't, so if you call me Mister Bibs, I'll throw a pen cap at you. Now, I've got a few guesses as to why the higher-ups wanted me to run this class, but I'll deal with that later. For right now, you get the oh-so-wonderful privilege of hearing me talk about being an Intelligence Agent for the Foundation.

You know, I think I'm going to like this group. This isn't me slobbing your knobs or anything, I'm serious! See, most of you screwheads didn't pick up any of the food and drinks. It means you don't trust free food given out by someone you don't know. That's a good thing, because in about three seconds..

Okay, so I'm off by two seconds, plus or minus. Hey, using knock-out drops is an inexact science! Which is good, because I'm not all that good on the whole 'science' thing. They only gave me the Researcher role because I kept figuring out what the eggheads were going to do before they did it, for Christ's sake."

- Taken from Learning Shit, from the SCP Foundation

RPG based around the
There's no canon to the foundation, so expect the game to be really free in terms of fidellity to source material.

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I have been thinking about this exact combination of setting and system, and so I'm glad to see it actually happen.
May I be a reader for this game?

yes yes and yes!

So I have pretty solid OwoD experience, dont know much about Nwod. Love Skips. Would that be ok, I wouldt want my mechanics fumbling / confusion to mess people up or slow them down... especially when your trying to get that scranton set up around a Keter. "What do you mean its not a wits roll?"

That's not a problem for me, as i said its a more interpretative game, so im looking for a good story over mechanics, and nwod is easy to learn.
EDIT: @drezdock let me mention you,'cause i at least always forget to look back at ads lol

Originally Posted by RenanWild View Post
Of course, np at all, don't want to join as a player?
Alas, I know how I can get with making a character for the earlier (pre GMC) editions.

Thank you, and I look forward to the adventures.

I am torn between trying to make a big hulking terminator type person, or a science / medicine type person...

@drezdock honestly i'd prefer the science/medicine type, but i usually mold my stories around my players, and not the way around, so do what you feel more confortable.

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