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Myth Weavers' Milestones


Originally Posted by Call me Fate View Post
Not if I beat you to it Ithamar! I'm back you know, and getting back up to my old posting tricks...
Heh, good luck with that one.

But definitely congrats on the others. One of these days I hope to craft a post that people will still be talking about years later. Of course, in order to do that I should probably spend less time in arena games, and more time in actuall roleplaying.

Originally Posted by Roy
Was that directed at anyone in particular, or were you just being 'Roy'?

You know the one arena I was in, I think my character left at least a little mark. Of course that was from the name alone. I wish I could have finished off the tourney with Pablo Kickasso.

Originally Posted by SalientGreen View Post
I hit 3000 posts two four a few posts ago. woot.
Problems with math?

As previously requested, please do NOT turn this thread into a "here is my Xth post w00t" collection.

I have many milestones, the latest being how to circumvent a stupidly low free memory limit in a spawned process so mysql doesn't fall over.

as for Ith reaching 100 000:
if ($username == 'Ithamar') {
    $postcount = $postcount -1;
It's all down hill from here mate

155th post. W00t!!
I’m kidding! Don’t hurt me!

For real though, my milestone was actually getting started. I’ve been a member for over 2 years and during that time I did little more than work on character sheets, gain a reputation in the wootbox and give Mikey a few more grey hairs. (He knows I love him, really.) The reason for it was that when I joined I was running two of my own sites, and never had time to be on here and doing anything substantial. I mean, I’d ranked up several thousand posts elsewhere in the time I’d made about 10 here. I suuuck.

Anyway, I disappeared for a long while and when I came back there were loads of new faces and most of the old ones still around. And honestly (as mush as this sounds) when I came back it felt like coming home. I’ve always felt welcomed here even when being told off and not actually posting. As soon as I came back (which was a decision I made after a lot of my life fell down around me) I started to GM a game. Its still in its toddler stages, but its something I’ve never done before and for hardly having Rped as a PC on here either I’m quite pleased with myself.

Every friend I have on here is a milestone though. The new ones like Zeke (ZombieKillerNinja), Roo (Springheel Jack), Spacks (SpaXe), Renz (Dire Renzel… ie, the cute one), The Suit, (Lop) Lady of Pain, Daemon, Larry (DoubleL1987), Con (Confhadskjuefakjsdhuebcakujehfkdhjbcuesbfi…en), Gaunt (GauntletX)… the old friends like Silv (SilverxVenom), Tre (Trebane), Sith (Sithobi1), Eternal, Tic (Ticattack), Rodrigo, Gath, Logan (SirLoganofGilead), McGinty… and the old crew that some strangely seem to be trickling back, haven’t seen in months, or just don‘t have time to chat much any more, like Vain, Sneezy (Tzeentch), Phoenixfire, BrainInAJar, TKCSeeSpotKnife, Jinx!, Darlis moonbeam, Kanaval, Cleo, Liv… I know I missed some, but my memory isn’t great, but they know I love them all the same. There are people I miss(ed) and people I was glad to see the back of, but if it wasn’t for MW I’d not have any of them.


My PM Box is 98% full! Again! w00t!

Errrm... naw... I got nothin'

I'd say having a wedding party composed of Mythweavers is a pretty significant milestone, WW.


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