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👀 How about that episode of game of thrones....jeesh! (Yes spoilers)


Not a spoiler, just a warning.

I haven't watched really any GoT, but everyone was raving about the latest episode, so I took a break from studying, signed up for the HBO Channel on Amazon (7 day free trial) and jumped in on the last episode. The video quality on the HBO channel of Amazon Prime is really really bad. All the dark skies, back background, and blowing snow had those wonky visible gray bands like you get on really old DVDs. It was often hard to tell what was going on during the action scenes. And there were really noticeable artifacts on the video, like you are watching an overly compressed video on YouTube. I checked other GoT episodes, and they are all pretty bad. Since so much of the show (from what I saw) is very dimly lit, it is bad. I would consider it unwatchably dark and unforgivably not in HDR UHD for $15 a month.

I started watching the new season of True Detective and a few of the movies on the Amazon HBO channel, and they are beautiful quality for just 1080p. I wonder if Hulu or getting the show straight from an HBO app for Samsung makes a difference. If I ever do decide to watch GoT, I'll just save my pennies and get the 4k Blu-rays.

Turns out, Amazon isn't really to blame for the really bad video quality:

Unfortunately none of these things will make “The Long Night” look any better until HBO releases a new version of it. Those ugly bands and artifacts are baked right in.
I'm linking to the article, but it may contain spoilers (I don't know enough about GoT to know), so I'm putting the link in spoilers . . . to protect the children, the elderly, and those with sensitive eyes.

"Why did last nights Game of Thrones look so bad? Here comes the science!"

Just wanted to rant a bit and get it off my chest.

GRRM has apparently said Tyrion is his self insert.


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