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Planescape: Return of the Guild

Dark Chant - Forum

Background of the Planeswalkers GuildThe Planeswalkers Guild has fallen from glory. Once a proud testament to the daring, nobility, skill at arms, and great wealth of the multiverse, the Planeswalkers Guild was once the most powerful in Sigil. Membership in the Guild was a coveted honor that brought the envy of friend and foe alike. Equally attentive to altruism and economic prosperity, the Planeswalkers Guild gave back to its community in countless small ways, and a few very big, public ways: it was Guild wizards who researched and cast the great dweomers that every Cager relies on to the present day: the universal Comprehend Language spell that so facilitates commerce in that great city.

Sadly, it could not last. Almost eight hundred years ago the Lady of Pain decreed the end of Sigil's guilds. While one can only speculate as to Her Serenity's goals in making this pronouncement, it seems likely in this case that the rise of the factions brought discord to the guild system. One of them had to go: and factions, in the end, won the day. Most folks were content to let the old guildhouses go, embraced competition, and clung ever more firmly to their faction beliefs.

Many of the adventurers of the Planeswalkers Guild, however, were unwilling to do this. Loyal to a fault, these true believers in the purity of their cause and the power of gold over beliefs left Sigil en masse. They founded a new home on the Infinite Staircase.

The Infinite Staircase is a far cry from the majesty of the City of Doors, and for eight hundred years, the community has remained more of a nomadic tent city than an established home. The Infinite Staircase, unguarded by the Lady of Pain, is a dangerous place. Unspeakable horrors roam it. It's used as a highway for the Blood War. Powerful psionics, divination, and old fashioned dungeon intuition have kept the Planeswalkers Guild safe for a long time because they are able to quickly pack up when such things approach, to rebuild their community once more from the ruins afterwards.

Over the years, the Planeswalkers Guild has lost its allure. Adventurers new to the planes tend to base in Sigil. Rumors of mind flayer infiltration don't help much: the guild isn't particularly popular with githyanki or githzerai. Yet prophecy speaks of great heroes (or great villains) arising to restore the Planeswalkers Guild to its former glory.

Link to Application Thread
Link to Game Profile

Planescape! The Great Wheel cosmology! Sigil, City of Doors! All the wonders of all possible realities are at your fingertips. You need look no farther to indulge your taste for exotic classes, outrageous races, baroque rules, obscure spells, and of course... banned equipment. Unknown worlds await!

This campaign is a mixed live and play-by-post game in which players can participate in either (or both) elements. The live group is centered in Beijing, and the play-by-post group is centered on Myth Weavers. This is the first time I've attempted a combination (which will of course not be the same party).

  • The live group is based in Sigil.
  • The play-by-post group is based in the Infinite Staircase.

So much of the campaign is open to you. While I have several megaplots in motion, feel free to ignore all of them. After all, the fate of the multiverse couldn't possibly come down to you...

Game Description:

Co-DMs wanted. Lay claim to a swath of the multiverse! By means of a shared super-secret universal calendar of my own creation and let's take this to the next level. Expert on Eberron? Ever wanted to run the collapse of Ravenloft during the Grand Conjunction, its darklords scattered and freed among the worlds? Want to put your monoplanar campaign through some kind of magical cataclysm into a new multiverse? Now's your chance.

Special Note: This game has two components: a live component and a play-by-post component. Players may participate in either or both (I'll be surprised if any of Beijing's gamers find me through this and not the city-wide WeChat group, but that's neither here nor there).

Link to Main Thread Group
Link to Applications Thread

Note on Game Times and AvailabilityThe live party is located in Beijing. These players will be able to attend live sessions. Regular live sessions are held in Jianguomen on biweekly Saturdays (10am - 3pm). Our goal is to have two more live sessions in June (1st and the 15th or the 22nd) prior to a summer hiatus. During the hiatus, only play-by-post will be offered. We will pick up the lives sessions again, likely at the same location, in late August.

Welcome to Sigil: The City of Doors. Every blood out on the planes has heard of it, and none know all her secrets. Through her portals the multiverse awaits, in grandeur and mystery.

Cue Real Life VoicePlanescape is a high magic, eclectic fantasy setting that dates back to AD&D 2nd edition. The premise of the game is that a vast extraplanar metropolis exists at the center of the Outer Planes, ruled by the powerful Lady of Pain (who keeps out the other gods and beings of similar power). This metropolis is not accessible by any means other than the many portals under the Lady of Pain's (presumed) control. Most of the player characters "call kip in the Cage" (make their homes in Sigil), venturing forth through said portals to adventure.

The play-by-post section of this campaign is intended as a supplement to my live group, which meets biweekly. As such, it takes a less immediate approach to the game in some cases, and there may be flash-forwards or delays as a result of the live group's actions.

The live campaign's structure uses Sigil primarily as a base of operations, with brief forays to different locations shamelessly lifted from whatever modules or adventurers I have available. The group played through part of The Red Hand of Doom, for example, after exploring one of the fantastic locations from the back of the Frostfell book. The game began on the Dark Sun world (with altered cosmology).

As such, this game is a forum for the live campaign's former or occasional players to play when there's no possibility of them joining in on the main event. Additional players in the play-by-post game must stand at least a remote possibility of playing a live game in Beijing.

Things to Know
Books/rules allowed: 3.5, Pathfinder, 3rd party and even other people's homebrew... as long as it's not out of line with the live group's power level (ask if curious)

I tend to enjoy rules oddities, but please be gentle with the game.

An excellent introduction to the setting can be found here, in Giant in the Playground forum post. Ignore the crunch (there's not much of it) because it's 5e. We're too old school for that!

Currently Known Worlds
  • Toril (Forgotten Realms)
  • Krynn (Dragonlance)
  • Athas (Dark Sun)
  • The Demiplane of Dread (Ravenloft)
  • Doharam (Red Hand of Doom generic world)
  • Frostfell (generic icy world)
  • Dominaria (Planeshifted from Magic: the Gathering)
  • Amonkhet (Planeshifted from Magic: the Gathering)
  • Ixilan (Planeshifted from Magic: the Gathering)
  • Kaladesh (Planeshifted from Magic: the Gathering)
  • Rokugan (3.0 Oriental Adventures)
  • Oerth (Greyhawk setting)
  • Golarion (Pathfinder)
  • And many, many more!

Level: 7
Point Buy (25 points, Pathfinder style)
Standard Pathfinder WBL, fast XP progression track
2 traits allowed, drawback by request; similarly with flaws (3.5) (approval required)
Character Background: 1500 XP points are awarded to those answering the 27 character background questions found here.

Campaign notes: My version of Sigil is a magical item shopping paradise, and special materials are discounted. All special materials are half price (except starmetals... still full price). If a planar origin is specifically mentioned in the description (Elysian bronze, for example), it's 1/10 the normal price.

Bad things sometimes happen to those who abuse the Psychic Reformation power.

If you'd like to play:
It's best if you have limited knowledge of the 2e Planescape material. I am using a lot of it, and you won't enjoy the game much if you recognize it all. My style as a DM is to take a bunch of lore and mix it all together rather than to create a lot of material.

Post some character ideas (either prime or planar) in the application thread group and we'll go from there.

FlavorPike it, berk. This adventure ain't for ye. Quit rattlin' your bone-box and move along. Only a first-rate basher, a real cutter, is comin' out of this one with his skin still 'ttached to 'is bones. But if yer feelin' peery, don't say aye didn't warn ye. -Rule-of-Three, 'githzerai sage,' reeling in a new victim

DM of Dark Chant, a Planescape (3.5/Pathfinder)

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Now open for 2 more player slots.

Is this still open?

Originally Posted by Aurore View Post
Is this still open?

Canít believe I missed a Planescape roll call

Originally Posted by Aurore View Post
Is this still open?
Yes it is!

I would like to put two more players into the Planeswalkers Guild section of the game, which is the section earmarked for Myth Weavers (though of course you can go anywhere in the multiverse). The Myth Weavers party is currently a Summoner, a Warlock, and a Wizard. We also have a really cool Rogue Modron Artificer that I'm hoping is going to join us soon.

I am not sure whether it would be best to add players to that little group or form a different one. I'm leaning towards the latter. I have a preference towards 'self-motivated' characters that bring their own impetus for adventure, or characters willing to just go about their business without necessarily having the pressure of a world-ending threat hanging over them. I also love small group threads and solo threads because they update faster.

In short, what I'd like is not just another couple of characters to round out an existing party, but a new arc for the campaign. You are not, therefore, limited to starting as a member of the Planeswalkers Guild, but that is an available option.

So the Planewalkers Guild is an exploration guild? Members wander the planes looking for stuff or places? Just asking to work on motivation for character concept.

Originally Posted by Lormador View Post
The Myth Weavers party is currently a Summoner, a Warlock, and a Wizard. We also have a really cool Rogue Modron Artificer that I'm hoping is going to join us soon.
Planescape, strangely enough, is one of the few settings which I really don't like playing Divine casters in. Usually I go with a tiefling rogue. Maybe I will try a more fighterish type. Or a monk. I have a monk somewhere.

I love Planescape. Always felt it was the "Shadowrun" setting for D&D

Originally Posted by rauhric View Post
So the Planewalkers Guild is an exploration guild? Members wander the planes looking for stuff or places? Just asking to work on motivation for character concept.
It's a loose alliance of explorers who tend to be friendly to one another, offering mutual aid. The one issue that members tend to agree most on is that they were unjustly banished from Sigil. Members tend to believe that gold, rather than belief, is the universal coin of existence.

Players will want to bring their own motivations for their characters in this game. There isn't some multiverse-ending threat cooking that will demand everyone's attention. There are plenty of small-scale crisis that can feel like the end of existence for those involved (Tiamat has just invaded another world with an infernal army and an aspect of herself), but even Ravenloft's Grand Conjunction is more or less a regular news item.

Well, it is the setting where atheism is the most plausible. You can go and visit corpses of dead gods floating in the Astral plane if you like, and the whole Athar faction is militantly against deities. There are thousands of them, so it's hard to tell just which brand of devotion is the correct one (if there is such a thing as a correct one; there might not be, as Mount Celestia remains the peaceful home of a multitude of deities that seem to be able to share Chronias just fine). The party doesn't need a healer either, not with all the weird options in 3.5 and Pathfinder combined, to say nothing of the simple Healing Belt.

I'm touched that there's so much interest in playing the game. I will be changing this game's status from Accepting to Closed once more in 24 hours. We could keep it open if we had a co-DM...


I thank everyone who showed interest in our game. I will do my best to deliver the experience that you're looking for, or at the very least, the best experience I can provide!

Please reach out if you'd like to co-DM. I think that would be rather exciting, and I can share.

The game's status is currently closed.


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