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Dungeons and Dragons car commercial

Dungeons and Dragons cartoon appreciation

Has anyone seen this? I couldn't help getting excited about it.

Broadening the topic a bit to include
fun memes
cool art found of the cartoon
favorite episode / episode discussion

foot note: please no burns and respect other opinions, the thread is to appreciate the cartoon

I think if they are gonna do a D&D movie, they should do it based on the cartoon. Be fairly faithful, as possible, like the commercial, and I think it'd work out OK. I mean, it'd have to be better than what we've had thus far....

Plus, we could involve Chris Perkins, and in costume he makes a pretty good Dungeon Master.

It's been making the rounds on the Faceybook and Twitter, along with associated memes which have been surprisingly wholesome. Apparently the old D&D cartoon was VERY popular in Brazil and according to some posts I have see, that cartoon has been almost consistently rerunning on some channel. So the commercial itself is an act of genuine affection, and the visuals are amazing.

So, how do we make this happen?

Have Disney buy out Wizards of the Coast.

They could even build a Dungeons and Dragons ride.

Wizards of the Coast is already owned by Hasbro. Disney would need to devour Hasbro as a whole, or get Hasbro to part with Wizards. The House of Mouse would need to have a reason to buy up the IPs of the realms created by D&D/M:TG (Greyhawk, Eberron, Mirrodin, Ravnica, etc.) to really go that route. They likely make more money just selling our their existing IP rights to Hasbro currently for toy lines and tie-ins right now. They are starting to phase some publishing duties for Marvel stuff to IDW. They have dropped their own video game developers. I doubt they want to buy up a toy maker, unless there is something else they get out of the deal.

Though I now have the concept of a Kingdom Hearts - Magic styled crossover card game exploding in my head.

Originally Posted by ArcaneDesperado View Post
Though I now have the concept of a Kingdom Hearts - Magic styled crossover card game exploding in my head.
Hey, make up the cards and a plugin and we can run it through Lackey. Wouldn't be the first time I've helped make/ran a homebrew through it.


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